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sony da5 es problems??? (1 Viewer)


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Dec 11, 2000
Depending on the results of the return of a Denon receiver in the shop, I may be AGAIN searching for a receiver. I have heard that the sound of the Sony Da5 ES is wonderful for movies and "Good" for music.

I have a couple questions on the Sony DA5 ES receiver:

1. How bad is the S-video flickering bug? I have heard that on a few fade ins from black is a "flicker" of the screen. Does this happen often (I'm sure it can't be every fade in/out)? How distracting is it? Does it happen with the composite connections?

2. How good is the Sony at picking up a digital signal? My old Yamaha can pick up the signal almost immediately - no problems playing a CD from digital out. The Denon 3802 has no delay at all. I had a Marantz 8200 that had major delays (up to 2 seconds).

3. Any other known defects with the DA5 ES?

Thanks for any help!

Dan Joy

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Dec 8, 2001
I have had my DA5ES for 3 weeks and it has performed well. I have had no problems with dvd play at all. Occasionally it will cut off first second of first song if I play a cd on my dvd player(this only happens when I put fresh cd into player and it auto starts the cd). I have noticed lately(This weekend) some bit stream(slight audio only interuption on HBO in DD only. It is channel 504 on direct tv, but HBO channel 501 DD is fine, I have put a call into direct tv and I am waiting for response). I feel this is a direct tv problem because pay per view and other DD dont do this. Other than that, it has performed very well.

I use s-video from the receiver for sat and dvd. I did an A/B comparison by bipassing receiver with dvd and sat and could not notice a difference. I have pushed it very hard with music and dvds and have been more than thrilled!:b

Phil Tomaskovic

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May 8, 1999
When I first played a cd on my 5es, I lost the first few seconds and I was mad that it was just like my old Sony 30es. Then I set the input for dvd to say that it was connected to my optical in rather than auto. Then I got immediate sound. So I guess it was scanning inputs for a signal first? I also have the analog inputs going from the dvd to the receiver, don't know if that matters/

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