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    Hi everybody, I'm new here and would appreciate some help from the pros here.

    Hi i recently purchased the Sony BDV-N790W blu ray home theater system. My intention was to have everything controlled from the home theater system. I currently have a media player, cable and an xbox. Unfortunately, the HTS has only 2 hdmi inputs and 1 hdmi output. Therefore now my xbox has to be plugged into the tv hdmi port and when i want to use the xbox i have to switch channels on the tv which i did not want.

    My question is is there any recommended solution from you guys here?

    Also i was thinking of wether if i do buy an independent receiver which has 4 hdmi inputs, can I plug in blu ray, xbox, media player and cable all to the receiver and control from there?

    Will sound still be coming out from speakers as per normal?

    Is there any other solutions?

    Hope to get some help..

    Thanks a milliion in advance guys.
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    First problem here is...

    Many of these craptastic(I call all the "all-in-one" HTiB craptastic) HTiB only accept 2.0 on HDMI.

    So any semblance of "good sound" is shot right out the window.

    Read your manual and report back about whether or not it can even accept 5.1 over HDMI. Or if it can only accept it over toslink(I do not, and will not, litter my hardrive with craptastic manuals)
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    You could get an hdmi switcher and connect it to one of the hdmi inputs. But you would have to change the input on the switcher (but not the tv).

    You could buy a Harmony remote and have it change the input on the tv, but I have no idea how Harmony remotes work with htib's.

    A real receiver with 4 hdmi inputs would act as the switcher for audio and video so changing inputs on the tv wouldn't be necessary. But you have to buy new speakers and a new subwoofer as well as those Sony speakers will not be compatible with a regular receiver as they are only 3 ohm.

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