Sony BDP-S760 slow BD load times

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Sony82, Jan 2, 2011.

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    I have the Sony BDP-S760 player and I am noticing slow load times with certain blu-rays. DVD's are fine. Here are a few examples,

    (From Disc tray closed to menu or first video)

    2012 - 1min 50secs to Sony Intro screen

    Gladiator (Remastered) - 2mins 30secs to Paramount video

    Avatar Extended - 6mins 20secs to Menu

    Saving Private Ryan - 2mins 20secs to Menu

    Dark Knight 1min 50secs to first video

    Are these load times normal for this player? I already brought it back to the Sony Store, they sent it away for repair and when I received it I didn't see any improvement. The repair report said they replaced the Optical Device. When I went back to the store the 2nd time, the salesman tried Avatar in a BDP-560 and it took about 3mins 30 secs to load.

    Are my expectations too high? Or is there a problem with my player.

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    Every Sony Bluray player has been slow for me. I just assumed that was Sony :). I have two of them right now a first gen and second gen don't remember the model numbers off the top of my head.

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