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    I finally got my first blu-ray player, a Sony BDP S360. On the first disk I played, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince I had numerous audio dropouts. Is this a bad model, bad player, or a problem that can be fixed via firmware? Disk is absolutely perfect, brand new no scratches.
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    I also noticed that the dropouts occur in the same places. Could this be an audio setting?
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    Have you updated the firmware since purchasing the player?

    That is one of the first things I do when installing a new Blu-ray player.
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    Well, I figured out what was wrong. I forget exactly which selection it was but I had to put the audio in TV mode. I later noticed that the audio was out of lip sync. I upgraded the firmware, but the problem still happens off and on. I also had this problem with my Sony DVD. How does Sony managed to have the same problems even on a different format. Should I return this or is there any possibility this will be corrected with future firmware updates?
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    How is your digital audio connected, via HDMI or optical/coaxial? I've heard that high-resolution digital audio will have problems if the HDMI cable is rated less than 1.3 and if you're using optical/coaxial some older receivers have problems with the higher bitrate of the core digital bitstream.
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    If it only happens with that one disc, it's probably a bad disc, even though it's new. It happens sometimes. If it happens with more than one disc, and you've updated the firmware, tell Sony about it. If you know someone with a BD player, try it in their player. If it happens there too, you'll know it's the disc. If it doesn't happen in their's, exchange the player since it's still new.

    Good luck!

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