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Sony 7000 just died...help me choose the Panny 91

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by DaViD Boulet, Mar 18, 2002.

  1. DaViD Boulet

    DaViD Boulet Lead Actor

    Feb 24, 1999
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    My sony 7000 just died last night and I have a 16x9 direct view that locks into 16x9 full mode with 480P input...so I'm now dreaming up upgrading to the Panny 91 *today*. I need a progressive-scan player (can't wait to finally hook up a 480P signal after having this TV for the last 5 years!!!) that can zoom a 4x3 lbxed image in addition to windowboxing 4x3 full-frame material.

    Question. I remember people saying early on that sometimes the zoom image was shifted to the left on the display. Is this still the case or was this a "bug" that has been fixed? Is it a pain to adjust this when it happens? Any other bugs I should know about before I take the plunge?


  2. Scott Merryfield

    Scott Merryfield Executive Producer

    Dec 16, 1998
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    The left-shift problem, as well as a pink tint problem, were resolved by firmware upgrades. Any new RP-91 should have the latest firmware. If you happen to get an old one that's been sitting in a warehouse for many months, you can perform the firmware upgrade yourself if you have a PC, a CD burner and an Internet connection.

    I believe the latest firmware shipping on RP-91's is version 250. Version 236 is readily available for download online. This is the version I am running, and the bugs I have listed above have been corrected.

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