Sony 65" Widescreen KP-65WS500 for $2,399 @ Fry's

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    This is my first post here... and I hope it will help some of you!
    Run... don't walk... to your nearest Fry's Electronics for a spectacular deal! Save $600 on the Sony 65" Widescreen TV!! Or better yet, get the Fry's ad and take it into Circuit City or Best Buy and save $660 (110% of the price) and pay $2,239! And I believe at Circuit City, you may be able to get a $100 Gift Card when you buy this TV. CC or BB will have to call Fry's because the ad only says "Major Name Brand", but you can tell by the picture that it's the Sony. Also, CC gave me a 6 month price guarantee! I don't know how much lower it will go than this, but I've still got 5 months.
    I got this TV 2 weeks ago at Circuit City and it was on sale for $2,799. I just brought the ad from Fry's in today and they price matched it with no problem. With the money that I saved today, I got the 2 year service plan for $299, and still got $140 back on my CC!
    There are 4 Sony 65" models:
    KP-65WS500 ($2,999)
    KP-65WV600 ($3,499)
    KP-65WV700 ($3,999)
    KDP-65XBR2 ($5,999)
    The WV600 has a Sony memory stick reader on the front console, but has less A/V inputs (4 instead of 7). I'm not too familiar with the other 2 models.
    You can read a review I wrote about this TV at here. If you're looking for a great TV with a good bang for your buck, consider this one! The sale is through Tuesday 11/19... and with a sale price like this, it's less expensive than many 53", 57", and 61" models... so go for the BIG one!
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    I'm assuming these are 2002 model year sets, not sure but I'm assuming they will be dropping in price over the next few months being that the 2003 models will be coming out, still a good price though and with the CC 6 month price guarantee you can't go wrong, thanx for the heads up Angelo.

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