Sony 51-HW40 & DVD Player - Suggestions needed!

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    I'm set to take delivery of a Sony 51HW40 this weekend. I'm looking for the right DVD player to compliment and maximize the features of the TV. The reason I'm asking for help is because I'm thoroughly flummoxed over all the different features this TV and DVD players offer in comparison to the last time I purchased both these items 4 or 5 years ago.

    On a 16:9 TV, I know I need progressive scan but do I need features like scaling and zooming? As I understand it, anamorphic titles will render themselves to fill the entire screen but non-anamorphic titles run into trouble. You have to either zoom in or deal with letterboxing (albeit smaller letterboxing). Am I way off here?

    Truthfully, I'm mostly looking for a robust picture but I don't want to switch 15 settings on and off every time I switch movies. Any suggestions / tips / rants are greatly appreciated.
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    If you already own a dvd player, you needn't rush out and buy a progressive scan model. The HW40's DRC in Cinemotion mode does a very nice job with an interlaced player's output.

    If you don't own a player yet, or were planning an upgrade anyway, definitely go with a progressive scan player.

    Unless you get a player with the scaling feature for non-anamorphic letterboxed dvds, you will need to use the Zoom mode on the set to make the picture fill the screen from side to side. The Sony will Zoom when fed a progressive scan signal, it does not lock into full like some other sets.

    The Zoom mode does spread out the scanlines a little, so the picture quality will suffer a bit.

    The players with the scaling feature will do a better job, the scanlines won't be spread out.

    The Panasonic RP-91 is well regarded and does do scaling for non-anamorphic dvds.

    For much less money, the JVC progressive scan players also do the scaling.

    Neither of these models have the "chroma bug", but neither has the Sage-Faroudja de-interlacing chip which is regarded to be the best, though it's advantage is primarily when displaying video based material and most all movies are film-based.

    Panasonics other progressive scan players and many models from other mfgs do have the Sage-Faroudja chip, but do not have the scaling feature.

    So you can have scaling and slightly inferior performance on video based material, or no scaling and better video based picture quality, but have to zoom to make a non-anamorphic movie fit the screen properly and have inferior picture due to spread-out scanlines.

    I chose a JVC player with the scaling feature for use with my KP57HW40, and am quite happy with it. It's a lot less expensive than an RP91. I don't see any problem with video based stuff on it, either.

    The scaling feature does depend on proper "flagging" of the dvd itself. It won't work if the disc isn't properly flagged. Titanic and several other non-anamorphic discs are not properly flagged.
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    i dont know if anyone else mentioned this or not but the new mits. line has a color bar decoder adjuster that lets you basically adjust each of the 6 seperate colors on the color bar spectrum (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow). this feature alone puts mits. ahead of the competition by 2folds.

    also if you haven't seen the 42" tabletop, i just gotta say its very sexy.

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