Sony 1271 CRT - please suggest how to improve picture

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    I have the following video equipment and would appreciate any suggestions on how I can improve the picture along with level of improvement.

    I have:
    -Sony 1271 CRT front projector (has been fully calibrated - Grey scale etc.)
    -Panasonic RP91 - interlaced component feeding Quadscan Elite.
    -Quadscan Elite - using 5BNC breakout cable to feed Sony 1271. I am using resolution of 800x600, 16:9 input and output
    -Cable from Quadscan to Sony is a computer grade 5 BNC breakout cable that cost approximately $40.00 US and runs 25 feet.
    -Cable from Panasonic to Quadscan is a 3 feet component cable by Better Cables that cost approximately $100 US
    -Screen is 16:9 1.3 gain Duality Cinema Vision ISF certified

    I have set my Panasonic video control to "Fine" and found that it makes the picture look clearer.

    I do see the 6.75 Mhz patter on VE (circle at bottom right corner) but it is really not all that clear.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated - but please give me indication of improvement in picture.

    Some ideas that I have are:
    -Get filter modification done on my Quadscan Elite?% improvement?
    -Better Scaler? % improvement?
    -Improve cable from Quadscan Elite to Sony? % improvement?
    -Get an HTPC or a more user ready solution like the PD-1000 by PS? % improvement?
    -SDI type equipment ??? % improvement?

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    I would suggest a visit to the AVSForum CRT-area. You'll find the rest of the mad tweakers [​IMG] over there.
    I'm guessing you already have a picture up there that would more than satisfy just about all of us here.

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