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Sonus Faber or Rocket ??? (1 Viewer)

Robert Barker

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 22, 2000
I may have the chance to pick up a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano in gloss black w/ a Piccolo Solo Center for around 1800, used of course. These are not the new "HOME" version, but the models right before. I will be driving these speakers w/ an Outlaw 950, Acurus A250 for the mains, and A125x5 for all others. My other option is to go w/ new Rockets. I have been eyeing the RS750 along w/ the RSC200. This will cost close to 2000.00. I took a listen to the Sonus line up at a local B&M and loved them. They look great and sound even better. I will be replacing a set of Polk RT800i's and a CS400i. My system is used for 90% HT.
Would it be best to go w/ the Rockets for HT or the Sonus Faber's? Please give me your opinions on which and the reasoning for you choice.

Thank you,
Robert Barker
Austin TX

Michael Roderiques

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 25, 1999
Any time I would be given the choice, I have to choose Sonus, even used.

I would venture a guess that the current owner did not abuse them.

Russell _T

Supporting Actor
Aug 26, 2001
I did some listening to some SF floorstanders this summer in two different Tweeters, one in San Diego, and one in Houston. They don't have a dealer where I live. I also listened to the Vienna's at the same time, and preferred the Vienna's. The Vienna's sound more like the Rockets and have a more open clearer soundstage IMO. If you are looking at the SF's at Tweeters, listen to the Vienna's, and you will get an idea what the Rockets sound like. The Vienna's are a tad airier in the high freq's. I think they were the Beethovens. At least they were the floorstanders that Tweeters carried.

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