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James Grasso

May 20, 2002
I've been lurking around on the board for about a month now and have learned quite a bit about HT, but this is my first post.

1--I understand the chroma bug and all that anamorphic jazz, but what exactly is the flicker bug? I haven't been able to find an explanation in any threads yet.

2--It has been made quite clear that only HDTVs and HD ready TVs will accept progressive scan DVD signals, but a friend of mine (not me, I swear) has come across a TV, Panasonic CT-27SX31 that the electronics store has claimed will support progressive scan, while at the same time it is not HDTV. Is this possible, or is this individual lying?

3--I'm looking for a cheap (under $300) DVD player, and so far, as soon as I narrow it down to something, I find more players that are supported by everyone here. I've been thinking about the Panny RP56/62/82, JVC XVS502SL, 500bk, the 75GD or 70bk, but I sure am stumped, there seems to be too much to choose from. What should I get? Prog. Scan and component out are musts, as is MP3 playback. DVD-A or SACD is not necessary, but of course nice, and the ability to play DVD-R+ is also necessary, as I will be burning many many DVDs when I get a chance. So, what meets these criteria without the dreaded chroma bug or any other major issues?

Thanks in advance for any answers and help.

Allan Jayne

Senior HTF Member
Nov 1, 1998
>>> 2. It has been made quite clear that only HDTVs and HD ready TVs will accept progressive scan DVD ...
Not quite right. An HDTV or HDTV ready TV accepts 1080i and 480p, some accept 720p external inputs also. There are some (very few nowadays) sets that accept 480p but not 1080i external inputs, these are not HDTV's but will take your progressive DVD player output too.
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