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    Hello all! I have a few (what I imagine are) simple questions that I was hoping you folks could help me with. First let me say that I have gone through the FAQ and while it answered a large majority of my questions, there are a few that I couldn't find answers for.

    1) Progressive scan DVD player and TV? I always thought that you needed both a progressive scan DVD player AND a HDTV in order to reap the benefits of progressive scan. However, my friend (who is usually pretty knowledgeable about such things) says that with the latest TVs (such as the higher end Sony's) you don't need a progressive scan DVD player. Is he right? I noticed that the newer TVs have both NTSC and 3-2 pulldown conversion, but I'm still a little confused.

    2) I recently started upgrading my system starting with a receiver from Santa (Sony DA4ES - which I love thus far BTW). Thing is, my speaker collection consists of only 2 fronts - 2 x Advent Legacy III. The speakers have served me well for over 10 years, but with the new receiver I think a new set would benefit me well. While I'm not asking for speaker suggestions (I'll do that in the speaker forum), I'd like to know if it is suggestible to start off with buying a center channel to go with the Advents, and then later get the rest of the speakers as I get the money. Or, should I just save my money and buy a matched 5 speaker set at the same time

    Any help on the above would be greatly appreciated!


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