Some Dirt Cheap Titles FS, incl. Bell's Magical World, Martin Lawrence Live & More!

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    The following titles are all for sale. All titles still sealed, unless otherwise noted. Payment through PayPal or Money Order only. Please e-mail me at [email protected] if interested in anything, NOT the e-mail in my profile which no longer works. Thanks!

    -Belle's Magical World - $14 SHIPPED!

    -Asunder- Steamy new thriller starring Blair Underwood!
    $12 SHIPPED!

    -Buying the Cow- Super raunchy new comedy with Alyssa Milano (mmm) Jerry O'Connel, and that dude from Van Wilder. Open, but mint. $8 SHIPPED!

    -The First $20 Million- Open, but mint. Says "Not For Sale" in place of the barcode, otherwise is identical to regular release. Written by Jon Favreau of Swingers/Made fame. Starring the beautiful Rosario Dawson! Only $6 SHIPPED!

    -Martin Lawrence Live (Widescreen) Runteldat- Open, but Mint.
    $12 Shipped!

    -The Magic Christian- Strange cult hit starring Ringo Star and Peter Sellers. $5 SHIPPED!

    -Pursued- Classic 1947 Western with Robert Mitchum!
    $5 SHIPPED!

    -A Lady Takes A Chance- John Wayne Classic! $5 SHIPPED!

    -Flame of Barbary Coast- John Wayne Classic! $5 SHIPPED!

    -The Real Eve- Discovery Channel DVD. Watched once-fascinating! Full-length documentary on the origins of "The First Woman"! 16:9! $6 SHIPPED!

    -What Killed the Mega Beasts-Discovery Channel DVD-Educational, but fascinating as well. $6 SHIPPED!

    -Surviving Gilligan's Island Collector's Edition-Full-length documentary on the classic show, plus TONS of extras!
    Only $6 SHIPPED!

    -The Pool- European teen slasher flick. Watched once. $5 SHIPPED!

    -Operation Enduring Freedom-Documentary on the war following 9/11. Includes never-before-seen footage. $5 SHIPPED!

    -Wildflower- Rare early Reese Witherspoon film, directed by Daine Keaton. $5 SHIPPED!

    -Made/ Ticker Double Feature Screener DVD-FREE with any sale-
    Just ask! That's it for now folks-I will probably be adding many more soon, so check back for updates. Thanks!
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