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    Hello my name is John Causbrook I am a Gold Trader at DVDtalk forum, but a newbie trader here I already signed for Mr. Epstein. Start your trades with a experienced and coureous trader like me. I will require your full name to check on the Gold Traders List of good traders. Red in thread means the disc is still sealed, blue means it's out of production

    Please trust Gold Traders or traders with at least a +3 with your real name to look upon the GTL, if not trade on your own risk at maybe/you/will/get/something/back/ after/you/send/your/valuable/DVD/

    2001 A Space Oddysey-Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood
    2010 'Year we make Contact'-Roy Sheider
    Absolute Power-Clint Eastwood
    Active Stealth-Daniel Baldwin
    Active Stealth New Daniel Baldwin
    Airport 1970 OOP WS New Burt Lancaster
    All The Presidents Men-Robert Redford
    Apocalypse Now-Martin Sheene
    Apocalypse Now Redux R4NewMartin Sheene
    Armageddon nc not a Criterion-Bruce Willis
    Ash Wednesday..Elijah Wood
    Bad Boys Special Edition-Will Smith
    Basic Instinct-Sharon Stone (nudity)
    Battlefield Earth-John Travolta
    Big Bad Mamma-Angie Dickinson-Nudity
    Billy Jack-Tom Laughlin
    Birthday Girl-Nicole Kidman
    Black Hawk Down-Josh Harnett
    Black Mask NewJet Li
    Blair Witch 2-Kim Director
    Blind Fury/Omega Doom-Rutger Hauer
    Blow-Johnny Depp (cocaine)
    Body of Evidence NewMadonna
    C.C. & Company nc-Joe Namath
    Carrie C.E.-Sissy Spacek, John Travolta
    Casualties of War-Michael J. Fox
    Changing Lanes- Ben Affleck
    Charlies Angels-Drew Barrymore
    Cherry 2000-Melanie Griffith nc
    Conspiracy Theory-Mel Gibson
    Cream-Farewell Concert Pr Al Hall nc
    Dark Star-Brian Narelle nc
    Deep Impact-Tea Leoni nc
    Desperately Seeking Susan-Madonna, Roseanna Arquette
    Die Another Day-2 disc-James Bond
    Double Team-Jean Claude Van Damme
    Driven-Syl Stallone
    Enemy at the Gates-Jude Law
    Enough-Jennifer Lopez
    Excalibur-Liam Neeson
    Eye of the Beholder-Ewan McGregar, Ashley Judd
    Eye See You-Syl Stallone
    Final Anaylisis-Richard Gere
    Final Destination nc-Devon Sawa
    Footloose-Kevin Bacon
    Frailty-Bill Paxton
    From Hell-2 disc-Johnny Depp
    Future Sport-Dean Cain, Wesley Snipes
    Gold and Silver...Neil Young nc
    Goodfellas-Matted-Robert De Niro
    Grease WS New with songbook
    Halloween-Resurrection-Jamie Lee Curtis
    Hamburger Hill-Anthony Barrile
    Hang Em High-Clint Eastwood
    Hannibal 2 disc-Anthony Hopkins
    Heathers OOP Winona Ryder
    Hellraiser Inferno-Doug Bradley--trade pending
    Highlander 2: Renegade Version-Sean Connery
    House on Haunted Hill/Last Man on Earth Vincent Price
    Imposter-Gary Sinise, Madeline Stowe
    Interview with the Assassin of JFK
    Jade-David Carruso, Linda Fiorintino (nudity)
    John Q.-Denzel Washington
    Journey To Center of the Earth-Treat Williams
    Judgement Night-Emelio Estevez
    Legends of the Fall-Brad Pitt
    Mallrats-Collecters Edition-Jeremy London
    Manhunter-William L. Peterson
    Meteor-Sean Connery nc
    Millenium-Kris Kristopherson
    Most Wanted-Keenan Ivory Wayans
    Murder at 1600-Wesley Snipes
    Murder By Numbers-Sandra Bullock
    Murder in the First-Kevin Bacon
    Narc-Jason Patric (Rush)
    Narrow Margin New Gene Hackman
    Navy Seals New Charlie Sheene
    Needful Things-Max Von Sydow
    Never Say Never Again New S.Connery
    Nice Dreams...Cheech and Chong
    The Hunter-Steve McQueen
    Night Hawks-Syl Stallone
    No Mercy-Richard Gere, Kim Basinger
    Original Sin New Angelina Jolie
    Panic Room (Superbit)-Jody Foster
    Pitch Black Unrated nc Vin Diesel
    Predator 2 R1 New Danny Glover
    Python-Frayne Rosanoff, Robert Englund
    Quigley Down Under New Tom Sellick
    R4 Apocolypse Now Redux New M. Sheene
    R4 Earth Vs. The spider New Dan Ackroyd
    R4 Predator 2 New Danny Glover
    Raise The Titanic R2 New Jason Robards
    Rambo First Blood-Stallone
    Rambo Part 2-Stallone
    Rambo Part 3-Stalone
    Reindeer Games 'Directors Cut' New
    Reservoir Dogs (Artisan) Michael Madson
    Resident Evil-Milla Jovovich
    Return To Me New David Duchovy
    Revenge-Kevin Costner
    Ricochet-Denzel Washington
    Rob Roy-New-Liam Neeson
    Roller Ball 2002-Jonathan Cross
    Rose Red 2 Disc 'Steven King' mini-series FF
    Rules of Engagement Tommy Lee Jones
    Runaway Train New Jon Voight
    Rush-Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jason Patric (Narc)
    Signs-Mel Gibson
    Sleepers-Robert De Niro
    Sleepwalkers-Brian Crouse
    Soulkeeper New Rodney Rowland
    Spartacus New 2.55:1 W/S K. Douglas
    Specimen-Mark Paul Goesselaar
    Species nc-Natasha Henstridge
    Species 2 nc-Michael Madson
    Spiders-Josh Green, Lana Parrila
    Spy Game-Robert Redford
    Stargate nc-James Spader
    Star Trek:Nemesis
    Starman New Jeff Bridges, Karen Allen
    Storm Catcher-Dulph Lungrund
    Supergirl-Helen Slater
    Swimfan-Jesse Bradford
    The Abyss 2 Disc-Ed Harris, Mary E. Mastriantonio
    The Arrival 1/2-Charlie Sheene
    The Assignment-Aidan Quinn
    The Aviator-Christopher Reeves
    The Beast-Jason Patric, Steven Baur
    The Betsy-Tommy Lee Jones (full nudity)
    The Big Red One-Mark Hamill
    The Body Guard-Whitney Houston, Kevin Costner
    The Deep End-Tilda Swinton
    The Doors 2 disc New Val Kilmer
    The Doors
    The Exorcist You Haven't Seen before-Linda Blair
    The Final Countdown R4 *chapters*New
    The Game-Michael Douglas
    The Island of Dr. Moreau-Val Kilmer
    The Lawn Mower Man New Jeff Fahey
    The Men Who Killed Kennedy 2 disc
    The Mexican-Brad Pitt
    The Mummy-nc-Brendan Fraser
    The Net New Sandra Bullock
    The Omega Code nc-Michael York
    The One-Jet Li
    The Others 2 disc Nicole Kidman
    The Outsiders-C. Thomas Howell
    The Perfect Murder-Michael Douglas
    The Perfect Storm nc-George Clooney
    The Punisher-Dolph Lungren
    The Quick and the Dead-Sharon Stone
    The Ring New-Naomi Watts
    The Rock-Sean Connery
    The Rock R4NewSean Connery
    The Russia House New S.Connery
    The Watcher-James Spader
    The Wraith 93M R4 1.85:1 NewC. Sheene
    The Wraith R2 PG 92M New Charlie S.
    Time Machine 2002-Guy Pierce
    Traffic-Michael Douglas
    Training Day-Denzel Washington
    Thirteen Days-Kevin Costner
    Trinity and Beyond, Atomic Bomb
    True Grit-John Wayne
    U.S. Marshals-Tommy Lee Jones
    Unbreakable-2 disc set
    Up In Smoke..Cheech and Chong
    Virus-Jamie Lee Curtis
    Virus NewJamie Lee CurtisNew
    Wargames New Mathew Broderick
    Wargames-Ally Sheedy, Mathew Broderick
    Way of the Gun New-Benecio Del Toro New
    What Lies Beneath-Harrison Ford
    When Harry Met Sally New Meg Ryan
    Wishmaster/Wishmaster 2 New A. Divoff
    World War 2 in Color Documentary
    __________________________________________________ __
    When shipping place a folded paper towl over spindle to prevent disc from jumping the holder and scratching the disc.
    __________________________________________________ _

    Wanted new or used
    __________________________________________________ __The Omega Man
    Black Widow
    Robon Hood 1938
    Laura 1944
    Zorro 1941
    The Bermuda Depths 1976
    200 minute version of "Goliath Awaits" 1981
    The Ventures 1960's band on DVD
    The Haunting 1963
    ST:TOS Full Set
    Gallant Hours World War 2
    World Without End
    The Medusa Touch
    The Battle of the Bulge- Robert Shaw
    This Island Earth R1
    The Dam Busters R2
    Amityville Horror 'The Posession' R4
    Amityville Horror part 3 R4
    Titanic R2 or R4
    2010 R2 or R4
    Extreme Predjudice R 2 or R4
    Last of the Dog Men R 2 or R4
    Ladyhawke R2 or R4
    Jade R2 or R4
    Pink Panther R2 or R4
    The Green Berets R2 or R4
    Airport '77 R2 or R4
    The Eiger Sanction R2 or R4
    Outland R2 or R4
    Hunt For Red October R2 or R4
    __________________________________________________ __
    I have a insert for DVD "The Turtles" 'Happy Together' for sale or to include in a trade. I also have the front Cover Art for "The Fast and The Furious" Collectors Edition for trade, of any titles I have marked nc. If there is any title marked nc and you won't trade because it doesn't have the cover art. Sell or Trade me front cover art so I can type in that I now have the cover art front. Please blame it on my wheelchair, running over it doesn't damage it, but when turning it rips the plastic and front cover art to shreads.
    __________________________________________________ __
    Make an offer I am a honest and fast Gold Trader. My real name is John Causbrook, please send me your name to look up on MAO GTL. If we have already done a trade or your a Gold Trader no questions will be asked! All Wide Screen except for FF Full Frame, nc no cover art but DVD is like new and comes with a new keep case (blame it on the wheelchair) and insert if there was one in, when sold to me.

    Buying DVD outright if you have nothing to trade you must mail your item first to establish yourself. No Foreign traders please. E-mail address. [email protected] Thanks for looking :).

    P.S. I ship 1st class if you will also, please include the last 4 numbers of zip code, you will get your item faster.
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