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    Nov 12, 2000
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    I have been lurking in the DIY area for a while and am getting ready to try a project or two and have some question.
    1. When building a box for speakers, the shape of the box makes a huge difference, right? So if I were to make some in a certain shape because I liked the shape, might they sound awful?
    2. The thing that interests me the most right now is the construction of a Sonosub. Some people have the large 'hot water heaters' and other the smaller ones that can be used as a coffee table. How big a difference is there between the two sizes? I'd prefer the smaller one in my theater but want the best sound.
    3. Is it really possible for me to build a sub that will sound really nice? I'd like to have something that sounds so good that I'll want to listen to all my DVDs again, like when people buy an SVS sub.
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    Jul 30, 2000
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    1) Box shape makes doesn't make much difference. The worst possible shape is a cube followed by a rectangular box- and these are very popular cabinet shapes. Anything with round or non-parallell walls can only be better. What IS important is the volume of the enclosure.
    2) Sonosub size- all else being equal, a larger sonosub will extend lower. If extension to the depths for HT is your priorty, then a large cylinder with a port is the only way to get there. If its mostly for music, a smaller enclosure tuned to 30 Hz or so will be low wnough.
    3)For about $200 plus the cost of an amp, it is possible to build something close to an SVS.

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