Some basic Qs for the experts on my 43X70

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    Aug 24, 2001
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    I have a few questions regarding my new television:
    1.It seems that the image may be shifted up and to the
    right. It appears that some images, which should be
    centered, are located toward the upper right corner.
    Also, I noticed on one channel what looked to be the
    left most edge of the image on my projection screen.
    I only noticed this on one channel, however. Could
    all of these issues be caused by a shift in the
    projection mirror in my set or could it possibly be
    that the images are being formed off-center on the
    three CRTs or is it possible that some channels just
    place their images off-centered in the video signal?
    For information, I notice these effecs when using my
    DishNet satellite reciever which is connected to one
    of the S-Video inputs.
    2.I have noticed that the line-doubler or progressive
    scan system seems to occasionally fail to fill in the
    missing lines on images that are moving quickly. This
    is not just for the cases where the whole image
    changes instantly but also when objects in a given
    image move quickly. Is there a problem or is the
    processing power of the progressive scan system just
    not fast enough to keep up with these images?
    3.The TV also seems to have difficulty with bright red
    objects in the image. It looks like the lines are not
    being progressively scanned properly. I am seeing
    distinct red lines in bright red objects. Any idea why?
    4.I have also noticed a vertical "bar" in the
    background of the image on certain inputs. I have
    particularly noticed it on the HD input to which I
    have my DVD player connected. This bar is not
    something extreme like a black or white line but
    simply a wide strip of the image that looks dimmer.
    It is almost as if one of the colors is not as bright
    within this vertical strip. Any idea what could cause
    5.Finally, my DIshNet (non-HD) and VCR images are horrible.
    Some channels are worse than others but you can really see
    the compression. Is that normal or should I do something
    different to avoid this. I see this to a much lesser
    extent on my crappy 25 year old 25" Zenith.
    Thanks for all the help in advance.
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    Dec 18, 2000
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    1. If the set is new, call for a service tech. Better yet, wait a few weeks and get the set professionally calibrated.
    2. This is probably what is commonly referred to as 'combing artifacts'. It happens when film-based material is not in proper 3:2 sequence and the scan-doubler has to take a few video fields to re-lock on the sequence. If you want to avoid this, you can set the DNR setting to OFF. It's recommended to turn it back on for DVDs though to get the full benefit of reverse 3:2 processing.
    3. This is the dreaded 'chroma upsampling bug'. It happens because the MPEG2 decoder chip does not properly process video fields. Contact Dish. It might be a long shot, but they may be willing to exchange your receiver.
    4. There's nothing you can do about this. I have the same set and the same bar.
    5. Try reducing the Sharpness control. It should help a bit.
  3. Tony B

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    Aug 24, 2001
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    1.I have had the set for a couple of months now. Should that be long enough to wait to have Toshiba send a tech out to readjust the mirror/crt?
    2.I will definitely try turning off the DNR. Thanks.
    3.On the chroma bug, I think I see the same "missing red lines" when I am viewing a DVD as well. I isn't as bad though. I will give DIshNet a ring and try to get a new receiver but is my DVD player a problem as well?
    4.So you see this too! Does the size and position of this bar or strip change for you from day to day? I think it does for me but I will have to check it out again today to verify that I am not imagining it.
    5.I did reduce the sharpness and, yes, it helped. Reducing contrast did as well. Is there any widely accepted group of video settings for crappy sources like cable TV and VCRs? I think right now I have contrast and brightness at 75, sharpness at 30 and the rest of the setting at default. What did you settle on for your settings?
    Thanks again.
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