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Dec 28, 2016
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Hey guys,

So I have been recently looking at upgrading my 65" Samsung LEDtv to a new 65" 4k screen. With my current setup, my home theater consists of my PC and PS4 plugged into my surround sound receiver, receiver into TV. I don't have cable television and use my PC for everything - Kodi, Netflix and gaming.

I like to have my PC do it all and have never seen the need to buy something like a "Kodi box". However, after looking deeper into this 4k upgrade, the costs are adding up if I want actual 4k content.

-My PC is a decently powerful gaming PC, custom built. It has a GTX 960 which I know I won't be 4k gaming on, but which is supposedly HDMI 2.0 compatible, in turn, allowing me to stream 4k Netflix and other material. In a recent article though, I read that I would need one of Nvidias newer cards in the GTX 10xx line to do this... I don't believe this to be correct, is it?

Question#1 - Can my PC do 4k video, including Netflix?

Question#2 - is 4k Kodi only attainable on something like Nvidias Shield Box? This is probably my biggest question. I spend majority of time on Kodi.

Question#3 - I am going to assume my ~5 year old LG audio receiver is not hdmi 2.0/4k compatible. What should I be shopping for in that department?Preferably under $500.

With all that said, I plan on upgrading my PS4 to the new 4k version which would also allow me to use Netflix on that if I really had to.

I guess it all boils down to 4k value for money.

1 - spend upwards of $1000 on new graphics card for PC and future proofing my PC for a considerable amount of time, including opening door for 4k PC gaming.

2 - spend a few hundred on Nvidia Shield Box and be able to stream all my applications I use in 4k.

3 - leave everything as is and spend a very minimal amount ($100+) upgrading PS4. Use console for Netflix, 4k gaming, and settle for regular HD Kodi for the time being

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