So whens the next Simpson game coming out?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by DeathStar1, Nov 3, 2003.

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    I've had so much damn fun with this game over the last few weeks, that I'm sorry it's almost over, me being at level 7. And the care taken into doing the 3D Animated movies makes me wish there was a seperate 3D Simpsons show airing, since the movies look so darn cool. This is the game Road Rage should have been..

    So my next question is, when is the next Simpsons game due out, and when will they include the arcade game as an unlockable extra? Perhaps with new graphics and more levels and strategy included...
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    Which game are you playing, Neil?
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    Probably talking about Simpson: Hit and Run. Great game, here's a little review that I wrote at a different site:

    I should preface this review by saying that I am a huge fan of the Simpsons, but I do recognize that most Simpsons games are just an excuse to cash in on the franchise's name. The last game, Road Rage, was a decent Crazy Taxi rip-off and a fun weekend rental for fans of the show. However, it didn’t really transport the player into a living, breathing Simpsons universe. The Simpsons: Hit and Run offers a truly dynamic Springfield for gamers to explore, and the arcade-style gameplay is much more refined and enjoyable than Simpsons gaming enthusiasts will expect.

    Springfield has been faithfully recreated in three mapped areas. Each area is fairly large and it will take you about 2+ minutes to make a complete lap around the main route. Each area has a distinct feel to it, offering a different type of Springfield experience. Some people might complain that the game doesn't take place in one giant city, but I prefer that the game's seven levels are split between the three main maps. The television show changes geography on a whim, and it would be nearly impossible to create a Springfield that is faithful to the show's many variations. But within the three maps, everything from Springfield's highest mountains (well, maybe not the Murderhorn) to the Squidport to the bright red fields of Tomacco are created in a 3D world that is still faithful to the show’s 2D origin. Like the television show, there is some type of visual or audio gag in nearly every frame. "Vote Quimby!" vans circle the city streets, and landmarks like The Legitimate Businessman's Club or the Android's Dungeon are right around every corner.

    What sets this title apart from other Simpsons games is the combination of gameplay and the script written by members of the show’s writing staff. The gameplay is a combination of arcade-style racing and 3rd person exploration. The plot is played out over seven racing missions in each level. You begin each mission by searching out a specific character in Springfield and initiating a cut-scene dialogue sequence. The scenes are well-done, and the story is decent for a non-episode. However, the plot does stretch a little thin and I skipped some of the later scenes.

    The main level missions are a combination of street races, drive-and-collect sprees, and some search-and-destroy episodes. Within each level are a bonus mission and a couple straight races. The difficulty peaks around level six, but there is nothing that requires more than a couple re-tries. Collectable cards and robot wasps have to be found as well, and this is accomplished on foot. The 3rd person gameplay offers nothing revolutionary, but it is adequate enough to keep you from throwing your controller on the ground.

    Additional cars and clothing round out the rest of the features, and these provide some of the best laughs in the game. There’s nothing like dressing up Marge in her pink Chanel dress and busting some ass in the Canyonero. Ever felt like putting on Homer’s muumuu and cruise the women in the Malibu Stacy car? Everything from the Electaurus to the mighty Plow King to the car built for Homer is available. Once you have gained access to a vehicle, you can use it in any previous level. If the races are initially too difficult, you should have no trouble snagging the gold medal after progressing through a couple levels.

    Don’t expect The Simpsons: Hit and Run to impress you with its visuals, but there is nothing too disappointing here. The framerate usually stays locked around 30 fps, but occasionally dips down to the low 20’s. The level geometry is not overtly complex, but there are enough new shortcuts and landmarks to keep your interest for most of the time that you are in a level.

    I definitely recommend The Simpsons: Hit and Run to any gamer that enjoys the television show. If you are not familiar with the show, then you’re going to think that the character models are hideously ugly. Ha. If you don’t know the show but enjoy comedy or arcade racing games, I would still recommend this title. The controls are solid, and there are no show-killing bugs to ruin your experience. The game won’t take you more than ten to fifteen hours, so you may want to consider renting it over the weekend.

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