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So - What Music Did You Buy This Week? (1 Viewer)

Al B. C

Supporting Actor
Apr 25, 2002
Ever since I got my new speakers it seems like I've been on a buying binge.

Anyway, here's my contribution to the failing economy this past week.


Etta James - "Heart Of A Woman"
Porcupine Tree - "In Absentia"
Ani DiFranco - "Evolve"


Johnny Cash - "At Folsom Prison"
Ray Brown, Monty Alexander, Russell Malone - self titled
Mark O'Conner's Hot Swing Trio - "In Full Swing"
Pink Floyd - "DSOTM"

DVD Music Vid's....

Jane Monheit - "Live At The Rainbow Room"

I'm either gonna go broke or get a divorce if this keeps up every week. Last week was almost as bad (or Good :D )!

John Watson

Jul 14, 2002
In transit from my last order :

Bealtitude and Best of - 2 Staple Singer albums

Sunset Boulvard and The Day the Earth Stood Still - 2 recent issue soundtracks, recreating the original movie scores

Looked for in a local B&M, but apparently still not on sale in Canada yet - the recent Linda Ronstadt compilation (I have refused for years to buy the long available 2 Greatest Hits cds that only had 12 songs on each...

Rachael B

Senior HTF Member
Jun 5, 2000
Knocksville, TN
Real Name
Rachael Bellomy
Me'sa git's da SACD DSOTM by's da Floyd Pinks. I got Ana Caram's RIO AFTER DARK on SACD. It's really nice. It has Antonio Carlos Jobim on two cuts and David Chesky wrote a coupe of pieces of music. Ana has learned to sing en Eng-laise. On CD I got Calexico's FEAST OF WIRE which I haven't listened to yet.


Senior HTF Member
Mar 28, 2000
Do used CDs count? If so, then I can certainly contribute. Well, here are the highlights:)

Used CDs (all first pressings made in West Germany or Japan for release in the US):

* John Coltrane From the Master Tapes (Japanese MCA/impulse pressing done by Steve Hoffman)

* Steely Dan Aja (Japanese MCA pressing done by Steve Hoffman)

* Emmylou Harris Profile II The Best of Emmylou Harris (West German Warner Bros. pressing)

* Queen The Game (West German Elektra pressing)

Oh, and one SACD. I picked up Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon this past Tuesday.


Senior HTF Member
Dec 3, 1999
Stephen Malkmus - Pig Lib

Kristin Hersh - The Grotto

Beck - Odelay (I never owned it!)


Second Unit
Jun 4, 2002
Pink Floyd - DSOTM SACD
Mark Selby - Dirt
Be Good Tanyas - Blue Train
Kelly Willis - What I Deserve
Dar Williams - The Beauty of the Rain
Iris Dement - My Life
Kate Bush - The Whole Story
Suzanne Vega - Days of Open Hand
Lucinda Williams - Lucinda Williams
Cowboy Junkies - The Trinty Session

It's been a very good week!:D

NP - Jonatha Brooke - 10 Cent Wings

Steven Hen

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 26, 2002
It was a SACD week for me:

Pink Floyd - DSOTM...wish there were more sacd's for $12!!
Beck - Sea Change
John Pizzarelli with The George Shearing Quintet
Michael Murray: Dupre - Franck - Widor

The selection at BestBuy has grown greatly recently, actually running out of space on the shelf in the back corner of the store!

Tina Brooks - True Blue

Mark Pfeiffer

Jun 27, 1999
Finally got Jurassic 5's Power in Numbers (with the bonus DVD) and Uncle Tupelo 89/93: An Anthology. Looking forward to the new Lucinda Williams album in a little more than a week.


Nov 21, 2001
As I finally hooked up my system to play DVD-A, each of my purchases fall into that category. They are:

From AIX
Latin Jazz Trio
Nitty Gritty
Sampler (they toss it in for free, but it's really good if you like jazz, classical. Nothing that is near rock though)

From Rhino
Emmylou Harris (not here yet)

From Amazon
Buena Vista Social Club (not here yet)

I'm especially looking forward to the Emmylou Harris DVD-A. Her voice puts a smile on my face. ;)

Al B. C

Supporting Actor
Apr 25, 2002
New music update...........

If you own an SACD player and like swing/jazz, then Mark O'Conner's Hot Swing Trio - "In Full Swing" is a must purchase!

This disc sounds fantastic and really showcases hi-rez to the max. Besides the trio, Wynton Marsalis & Jane Monheit join in on a few of the tunes. "Misty" has never sounded better especially with Monheits sultry vocals.



Senior HTF Member
Oct 26, 2002
Radiohead's O.K. Computer & Windham Hill Classics: Harvest.

The Radiohead album is pretty cool. A couple of tracks are a little noisy but on the whole I like it & I like it better each time I listen to it. It's rather comlicated music and I've only listened to it three times so can't give an in-depth review yet.

The Windham Hill? Zzzzzzzzzz. This is exactly the kind of New Age I can't stand: repetitive, blah sounding, mush music. The musical equivalent of vanilla--pleasant tasting but no personality. Their old stuff from the early-to-mid 1980s was much more adventuresome. That music could make you feel happy, somber or "cosmic" feeling. Now I guess they are trying not to scare anybody. It sounds WAY too much like that smooth jazz crap you hear everyhere. But as usual for Windham, the sound quality is very high--great speaker testing software. And it only cost $7.

Here's the Windham titles I own and like:

* Tibet by Mark Isham
* Summer, Autumn (this one only just O.K.) & December by George Winston.
* Windham Hill Sampler '86
* And one of my favorites: "Vapor Drawings" by Mark Isham. I first heard the track "On The Threshold Of Liberty" in 1984 at college after recently buying a radio Walkman. I was listening to the college station at two in the morning in the dark & this tune came on. WOW. Just awesomely cool and haunting music. The DJ never announced the title and it was two years before I found the entire album. (the RealAudio sample only lets you hear the "quiet" part of this nearly 8 minute song. Soon after this a lonely horn sounds, then near the middle the drums start. This track begins Windham's DVD called "Western Light" which I also own--it has pretty images of American deserts while music plays).

I had A Winter's Solstice (Number 3 I think) which had beautiful old timey Christmas tunes on it (not the same old retreads) but lost the tape in a move.

Dana: how does that AIX sampler sound? It's the new one right? I've been waiting for someone to review it.


Nigel McN

Supporting Actor
Oct 23, 2000
well I finally got a chance to go the store that had the exclusive on the Zwan CD/DVD combo so:

Zwan - Mary Star of the Sea


Second Unit
Mar 25, 2003
Add N to (X) - Loud Like Nature
I like this one alot and it sounds like a grower as well. Doubt that it'll end up topping Avant Hard, but it might.

wants... the new Pram and Noonday Underground (hoping it gets released in the US)

Mike Broadman

Senior HTF Member
Aug 24, 2001
Al, nice choices. I approve! (which of course means you can enjoy the music that much more ;) )

I think it was KeithH who recommended CD World here in Jersey. If so, thanks. I now have a membership and used it for the first time yesterday, taking advantage of their 25% off on used CDs on Saturday deal.


Metallica- Load & Reload
Yes, I like the older stuff, too. These two were just so cheap, and I tend to be a bit of a completist. Besides, I really do like some of the songs. But please, no debates about what happened to Metallica. Suffice it to say that I would not pay full price for these.

Megadeth- Cryptic Writings
IMO, the last decent Megadeth album, and, like the above Metallica albums, one that's OK to get at a discount.

Mark Knopfler- Sailing to Philadelphia
I'm only familiar with the single off this album, What It Is, but I love his guitar playing and look forward to hearing this.

Steve Morse Band- Southern Steel
Morse is one of my favorite guitar players, so this one can't be bad.

Prince- 1999 and The Gold Experience
I've just listened to Gold and absolutely adore it. I'm not expecting 1999 to be as strong due it's heavy use of synths, but it's still got some classic numbers on it. Outside of compilations, these are my first Prince albums.

Marillion- Tales From the Engine Room
A remix album, so only of interest to hardcore fans. I've been meaning to get this of so long, and finding this so cheap was a godsend.

Not used:

Radiohead- Amnesianc
Catching up on their recorded output before the new one comes out.

Pink Floyd- DSOTM, SACD
I can't wait to find some quiet non-computer time to listen to this one.

NP: Radiohead, Amnesiac

David Lawson

Sep 11, 2000
Cincinnati, OH
Real Name
David Lawson
I picked up Blue Merle's self-titled album at the Guster concert, and used the Best Buy coupon (twice) on the SACD versions of Keb' Mo's The Door and Mahler's Symphony No. 5.


Stunt Coordinator
May 19, 2001
Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
The Kinks - The Kink Kontroversy
Joe Henry - Fuse
Lou Reed - Transformer
Jeff Buckley - Grace

I love Amoeba Music's used section.

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