So what do we all think of the Simpsons Season 1 Set?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Scott Weinberg, Sep 28, 2001.

  1. Scott Weinberg

    Scott Weinberg Lead Actor

    Oct 3, 2000
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    I remember there being several threads about this DVD before it came out, but not many since.
    I agree with most of you that Season 1 is certainly not the best season overall, but c'mon - This is so much better than some "greatest hits" DVD package. I respect chronology.
    Plus, how could you call yourself a Simpsons fan without owning the Simpsons Roasting over an Open Fire episode? I could listen to Homer mumble "Can I have some apple sauce?" a million times and I'd still giggle a million times.
    The episodes all look great and we can finally enjoy them without those gosh-darn syndication edits.
    Some would argue that the supplemental features are a tad skimpy, but I think they're solid enough. A commentary track for each episode?? Damn, that's enough for me. I feel that these features complement the show without "spoiling the illusion".
    The packaging is cool, and the little booklet is a nice touch. All in all, I'm damn pleased with this DVD set, and this is coming from a fellow MASSIVE Simpsons freak.
    I'm opening the floor to any praise or criticisms. Discuss.
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  2. GlennH

    GlennH Cinematographer

    Sep 28, 1998
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    Well, I like what I've seen of the set so far.
    My major criticism is that I'm one of the (apparently many) schmucks who got a defective set. Disc 1 locks up on Episode 4. Haven't tried Disc 2 or 3 yet, but others are reporting similar problems with them.
    Fox has a real quality problem on these, which is a shame. I guess I'll be sending my set back to Amazon. I'm just holding on for a few days to see if Fox says anything about this issue.
  3. Evan Case

    Evan Case Screenwriter

    Jan 22, 2000
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    Love it except for the unfortunate lack of what was originally supposed to be there: the complete set of Tracy Ullman Show shorts. It would've been the perfect complement to the early episodes. Hopefully the rights issues (of which I'm still not fully aware) can be worked out in the future. Still, they would've looked best with this box and gone a long way towards making up for the ten fewer episodes.
    I too have always been surprised at the lack of respect for season one. In all honesty, only about 4 or 5 of the episodes are noticeably inferior from a visual standpoint. From Bart the General on, the show seemed to maintain a consistent visual tone (albeit with some minor character and location changes forthcoming).
    I've always enjoyed the first season just as much for its heart as for its humor. Most of the episodes aren't as laugh-out-loud funny as later seasons, but they do seem more anchored in some kind of recognizable reality. Maybe this is why the first season is often overlooked, and it's a reason I can understand, if not agree with.
    Still, there are a lot of laughs to be had here, including, perhaps my all-time favorite Simpsons moment. It's Homer's dream sequence from Moaning Lisa. His terrified scream at the nightmare's conclusion, followed by his quietly going back to sleep, has made me hysterical for the past 12 years. I'd spend $30 just for that scene.
    BTW, I've now watched everything on the set and have experienced no glitches whatsoever.
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  4. Ricky f

    Ricky f Supporting Actor

    May 12, 2001
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    Absolutely GREAT. I have watched all 3 discs without a problem and I enjoyed all of the episodes.
    Has to be some of the best money I have ever spent.
    Can not wait for Season 2
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  5. darrin

    darrin Stunt Coordinator

    Jun 9, 1999
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    I am VERY happy with the set!! I keep seeing threads about
    who the set is defective, and I am happy to report zero
    problems here. I agree with you on the supplements. I
    couldn't be happier with them. The commenataries are
    great. Heck I watched the whole set the first night I
    got it. As you pointed out, this is the first season which
    we all know wasn't the best but there are some pretty funny
    episodes here that had me (at times) laughing out loud.
    Can't wait for more!!
  6. Dave Anderson

    Dave Anderson Second Unit

    Apr 8, 1999
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    I worship every episode in this set and the entire series. I used to watch the Tracey Ulman show just to see the shorts (now those were crudely animated) - I've been a fan for that long.
    The set is great, though I also got a bum disc 1 (big scratch on it). Convinced my wife to swap it at Walmart for me even though I ordered it from Lasers Edge. Gotta love her...
    I hope to see more of the Tracy Ulman shorts in future sets. Damn, when I was in 7th grade I used to tape those, but they're long gone now. [​IMG]
    I also agree on the extras in terms of there being pleanty. Commentaries are great.
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  7. Keith Paynter

    Keith Paynter Screenwriter

    Mar 16, 1999
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    My first disc had lots of problems with sound droputs and digital breakups - then I looked at the disc and saw a TON of scratches on the disc, from center to edge - this is definitely a QC issue.
    The commentaries are alright though, but it is apparent after awhile that Groening and the others ran out of steam after a few episodes. Pace yourself and don't listen to them all at once.
    The cut footage from 'Life On The Fast Lane' is the most cruelly 'off-model' I've ever seen, sad but hilarious, and I take pity on the gang after listening to their commentary - Homer looks a lot like the picture Marge drew in the electric shock chair!
    Not since the first season of The Flinstones has there been a more loosely drawn first season, but they did get the hang of things towards the end - 'Some Enchanted Evening' shows signs of stability in what would eventually be the final model sheets.
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  8. Brad_W

    Brad_W Screenwriter

    Sep 18, 2001
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    I really enjoyed this set and my wife and I watched all the episodes in one sitting. I had no problems playing any of the discs and even listened to some of the commentary. God bless the commentary track. At $30, I can't wait for the rest of the seasons to come out.
    Now, if the price would just drop on the X-Files seasons... Actually, I own all three and will buy 4, but so expensive.
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  9. Jeremy Illingworth

    Jeremy Illingworth Supporting Actor

    Nov 12, 2000
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    My biggest fear is that they would look as bad as they do on tv. Around here they are so dark and murky but they look incredible on DVD. Need season 2 immediately.
  10. Eric Stuckey

    Eric Stuckey Second Unit

    Mar 24, 1999
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    I enjoyed it very much. None of my disk were defective,all played great. [​IMG]
    I also wish they would have put more of the Tracy Almond outtakes, but I guess you need some of that stuff for the 2nd season [​IMG]
    Over all I give it a big [​IMG]
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  11. Travis Hedger

    Travis Hedger Supporting Actor

    Mar 24, 1998
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    I really liked the set. I am going to listen to the commentary tracks very soon.
    Circuit City had it online for $25 bux. I went to the local OKC store and asked if they would honor their website price and they said yes.
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  12. Scott_J

    Scott_J Cinematographer

    Jul 17, 2000
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    This was my most anticipated release of 2001, and I love it! The first set I picked up at Coconuts had a defective first disc, which kept freezing up a few minutes into episode 1, so I exchanged it, and the new one works perfectly! I have 3 more episodes to watch, and then I'll start with the commentaries. I, too, am disappointed, however, that only the first Ullman short was included, but if there are rights issues involved, I'm sure FOX tried their hardest to include more.
    One thing, though. At the end of the episode, I keep expecting the credits to be squashed to half the screen or have an announcer come on and tell me what crap is on the station next. It just doesn't feel like The Simpsons without that. [​IMG]
    Can't wait for Season 2! [​IMG]
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  13. Adam Lenhardt

    Adam Lenhardt Executive Producer

    Feb 16, 2001
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    Albany, NY
  14. JohnE

    JohnE Supporting Actor

    Jan 1, 2001
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    I love it. I've been watching a couple eposodes a night and having a blast. Some of theses episodes I haven't seen in ages, so they're quite a treat. Can't wait for season two!
  15. tyler O

    tyler O Stunt Coordinator

    Oct 25, 2000
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    I have been very pleased with my set so far. I have not experienced any of the glitches or problems that others have, but I have not made it all the way through them yet. They look better than they ever have and that for me is the most important part.
    Extras are nice, and honestly the commentaries are all I could really ask for, other than all the Ullman shorts, which maybe she will release on a single disc at some time, or FOX can secure the rights or something like that. Thank goodness I still have that horrible horrible VHS with them on it. I know that there is more out there and when they get to it, I would love to hear the alternate broadcast live versions of that singular episode. Any and all cut footage would be wonderful, but just hearing the minds behind the work is my primary joy.
    Rant on.
    I do have some issues with the price however. Season one is "only" 39.95 MSRP because it was only 13 episodes, price to go up as the number of episodes do. M.A.S.H. and Buffy are both 39.95 MSRP for their first seasons. M.A.S.H. had 24 episodes on that first season. Granted, Buffy only had 12 (not including the unaired pilot) but buffy also filled a 1 hour time slot. I'm sure that commentaries, the audio and video remastering, such forth and so on do cost money but I just find it curious that M.A.S.H. runs the same 22-23 minutes and twice the number of episodes runs the same cost as our first season budget Simpsons set.
    Mr. Staddon, Fox, et. al please take no offense to my statements, I'm doing something a consumer never should and tell you that I would probably reluctantly pay 200$ a season for the Simpsons, and forego purchasing any other DVDs that month, but that falls into my particular desire and fetishistic love of this show and its unparalleled view of American life and the family unit and ability to poke fun at and with all aspects of existence as we know it. However, beside what I would pay, I just am curious as to why (other than my presuppositions listed above) they will be more than M.A.S.H. episodes for example. Same running time, same studio, same number of episodes, different price.
    Rant off.
    I really just want to say thank you for a superlative product and excellent commitment for putting out the shows in the way that any true collector would want them, season by season, with as good a selection of additional material that finances, licensing rights and deteriorating media allows. Kudos and I anxiously await the next 10+ seasons.
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  16. Ben_S

    Ben_S Agent

    Nov 11, 1999
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    Finally got a chance to go through the whole set. The Albert Brooks outtakes were hilarious! I think that was my favorite supplement right beside the commentaries. I'd love to hear some more outtakes in future season sets. Preferrably for every episode. [​IMG] I'd also like to see the scripts for each episode!
  17. CharlesD

    CharlesD Screenwriter

    Mar 30, 2000
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    I'm very impressed with the set. Can't wait for more seasons! The Simpsons has to be one of the funniest shows of all time, not to mention some of the best social satire.
  18. Ronald Epstein

    Ronald Epstein Founder

    Jul 3, 1997
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    Ronald Epstein
    I have watched only the "middle years" of
    The Simpsons on Fox. This was many
    years ago, and then after Conan O'Brien left
    the show (he was a writer) I saw that the scripts
    lacked the punch of the earlier shows.
    Not having watched The Simpsons for years
    thereafter, I was afraid that watching SEASON 1
    would be unenjoyable. I thought the drawings would
    look primitive. Actually, the characters look pretty
    much the same as I remember them to be. Are they
    more advanced in future episodes? I really forgot.
    Anyhow, what surprised me the most is how darn
    funny the first season is. No wonder the show
    changed cartoon primetime television -- Groenig had
    that series in top form right from the beginning.
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  19. Kurt N

    Kurt N Stunt Coordinator

    Feb 2, 2001
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    I love it. The episodes look and sound much better than I'd expected. The Tracey Ullman short amazed me-I'd fofgotten the Simpsons ever looked like that. The Albert Brooks outtakes were hilarious. The commentaries drag a bit here and there, but I listened all the way through.
    But am I the only one with the annoying ping when you switch menus or just let the music play through?
    A 3 disc set and my only complaint is menu pings...Not bad, Fox!
  20. Vince Maskeeper

    Vince Maskeeper Producer

    Jan 18, 1999
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    quote: But am I the only one with the annoying ping when you switch menus or just let the music play through?[/quote]
    I wanted to ask about this too. Anytime a menu with music loads, you get the sync beep. Just the short beep you usually hear on deleted scenes that mark the beginning and end of a take.
    Strangely, I recall reading that the place that did the authoring for the A BETTER PLACE dvd had done the same thing (beeps in the menu) and Vincent mentioned that had made the same mistake for another high profile release:
    quote: So Don May over Synapse got the A BETTER PLACE check discs today, and- YOU GUESSED IT!- they are all fucked up! YAY! ANOTHER DELAY! Oh, Joy!
    The fault here lies SQUARELY with the authoring facility that Synapse used for this title out in Los Angeles. Excerted below is Don's e-mail to said company this afternoon after he started checking the discs- since the authoring facility in question still has to fix the DVD, I've omitted the name of said DVD authoring facility from this post, but when the DVD is release they will be credited for the authoring/compression so you'll all know who it is who fucked up this time.
    Anyway, here's the jist of the very odd error that turned up on the DVD as per Don's e-mail (my check disc will be arriving tomorrow, so I can share in the goodness of incorrectly mastered DVD myself!)-
    "The most INEXCUSABLE problem, is that after the introductions, the deleted scenes and the mono scenes during the Dolby Comparison section, there are noticeable audible “beeps” when the scenes are over. Now, when I was at *BLEEP*, with *IMPORTANT PERSON WHO WORKS IN HIGH PLACES AT BLEEP* in attendance, we questioned *PERSON AT BLEEP IN CHARGE OF THE "A BETTER PLACE" PROJECT* about these beeps and told her our concern. She TOLD us that the beeps would NOT be present on our final discs. This was obviously not true and I cannot, for the life of me, understand why your employees would tell me (and *IMPORTANT PERSON WHO WORKS IN HIGH PLACES AT BLEEP*, an employee of *BLEEP'S FATHER COMPANY*) to not worry about them because they were only an emulator issue. Well, this is NOT an emulator problem, it is very apparent on my final check discs. Keep in mind that I have not personally gone through the whole disc, so there may be other problems apparent that I have not seen yet. The “beep” issue is something I cannot BELIEVE is present on my check discs when your employees told me they wouldn’t be. This is an issue that is going to cost both our companies more time and more money to fix. Unfortunately, our disc will now not make our street date of July 24th and this has me very upset. Distributors, fans of View Askew and long-time Synapse customers are now not going to get their discs on time. I trusted that what your employees told me was correct and obviously it wasn’t."
    So there you have it. Making the actions of *PERSON AT BLEEP IN CHARGE OF THE "A BETTER PLACE" PROJECT* even more inexcusable is that Don May was talking to a friend of his who works at another MAJOR DVD company that recently did a project at *BLEEP* as well, and when Don started to go into the weird "beeping" error that was on A BETTER PLACE, his friend told him that he had the exact same problem with the title he mastered at *BLEEP*! Not only that, but he had done his project A FEW MONTHS BEFORE DON TOOK "A BETTER PLACE" THERE AND ALSO WORKED WITH *PERSON AT BLEEP IN CHARGE OF THE "A BETTER PLACE" PROJECT* ON HIS PROJECT! What this means is, *PERSON AT BLEEP IN CHARGE OF THE "A BETTER PLACE" PROJECT* KNEW that the "beeps" Don was hearing when he checked the emulation would be on the pressed DVD because she had run into the EXACT SAME PROBLEM mere months before, and yet she LIED to Don and told him that the "beeps" were an emulator issue only and wouldn't be on the final discs! Fucked up, no?[/quote]
    Anyone know the story on the simpsons beeps? Does everyone else's copy do this?
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