So what are the odds?

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    This might go in the movie area if the powers feel...

    A friend of mind was telling about how he is going to vist Brazil because of this girl he knows. I had just watched the movie "It's all true" by Orson Wells. Most of it was filmed in Brazil in the mid to late 40s.
    I loaned him my copy and he thought it was great and he ends up buying it and sending it to his 'girlfriend' in Brazil.

    He called yesterday....come to find out her father as a young Boy was interviewed by Orson Wells during filming and ended up making a few dollars running erands for him. He never knew who the fat guy was and didn't know what was being filmed until he watched it a few days ago. He was living in a remote village at the time but learned English because of it

    Pretty Cool but talk about a small world
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