So I just watched Spriggan. Pretty good, if incomplete.

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Matt Krapf, Jul 15, 2002.

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    Here's a movie that opens with a bang, sets up a lot of back-story, and then wraps up too quickly.

    Make no mistake, you GOTTA see it. The visuals and Audio are great. And the story is intriguing. If you like the religious element of Eva, you may feel on familiar ground here. The main goal of all movement in Spriggan is the discovery and control of Noah's Ark.

    The characters are well conceived, and I like the way you jump right in, with minimal exposition.

    We travel the world in this film and the Cinematography is great.

    I do have a complaint. It sets itself up for sequals, and given the 90 minute run time, could have actually preluded a series. A Series that would have been compelling, in a Young Indiana Jones, or Stargate SG-1 sort of way.

    I don't believe there ever was a follow-up. Perhaps Jeff(Kleist) would know for sure? In the end, I felt like the first MIB. Great flick, but left you wanting more.

    It has Great...
    Action - It's a high intensity flick
    English Voice Acting

    So, basically...I think it's a rental, but a "MUST-rent."
    Check it out.
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    There is no animated sequel. I believe the movie was based off of a story from the manga though.

    The english acting is incredibly poor, and the script has been changed from the original Japanese.

    Only watch it in OSL

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