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  1. Christina_V

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    I know how the campaign for uncut Friday the 13th's has gone on this board & well requests for any films in the horror genre in uncut form. I'm one of many hopefuls out there who would love for Friday 7 to get the treatment it deserves,and eventually the entire series! One reason is i'm against censorship and this series is a great example of that going overboard.....+ am a fan of at least a few of the films in the series & would love to finnaly see them in there original form.
    If Paramount and others actually cared...they would have listened long ago,but theres still a chance that after releasing the butchured R rated versions over a 4 year period!!...when they could have easily been released at once or within a couple years considering they have zero extras besides the trailer. Yet theres a small chance they may pull a Star Trek on us and after the theatrical versions,release Uncut/Diretor's Cut SE's........and they better be uncut!! no uncensored footage as an "extra" better be IN the film this time.
    So to anyones who's given up hope,just doesn't care anymore & those who are intrigued to see whats missing.........................Heres a small sample of uncut & rare pics that have yet to be seen in any format & hopefully will see the light of day on dvd soon!
    note-uncut pic of the double impaling in part 2 can be seen on the VHS box! & dvd insert from what i've heard. Strange that it's on the box,yet not in the film,what gives? Also part 5 dvd box has a uncut pic of the shears seen with Debbie Sue. 5 VHS has a shot of Junior with cleaver to throat,missing from the film! So theres plenty of stuff cut from the series & it has shown up,one way or denieing that it exists!
    From Part 3
    Heres a much more graphic shot of Andy's death in part 3.
    A shot of the original ending with Chris's decapitation! on-set photo........i'd love to finnally see this (dream sequence?) ending...probably much better than the current one,which is still tense,execpt for the cheesy rip-off of part 1's ending.
    Another shot from the orginal ending...this looks like an actual film shot!
    Final behind the scenes pic of the original ending with FX crew ect.
    Part 5 (heavily censored)
    Pic from the punks throat slit on screen as opposed to the up close face zoom in obsuring the blade/throat cut in the R version.... note- uncut pics from the girls machete death on bunk bed & other rare uncut pics from part 5 have shown up on certain wesites,yet i could'nt find them at the moment.
    Cleaver to the face in part 5(off-screen in R version)
    The infamous butchured part 7.......
    Jason has an ax to grind in this shot from the new Blood,which i've never seen anywhere before!
    The following two are pretty well known,from the campaign site ect...but revealing none the less at just whats missing from Part 7!
    The cut Boxer's death by darts scene from part 8
    So there you would anyone care to see the films in orginal form? + others that the MPAA & or studio butchured as well?
    If so......keep up the fight!!
    Down with censorship!!!!
  2. Charles Bober

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    Sep 5, 1999
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    Great job Christina!!! Admittedly, I'm not a huge Friday the 13th fan (Halloween freak though), but I'd definitely welcome uncut versions of these classic flicks. BTW, the pics are very cool.
    I stand by you in our fight of censorship. It just blows me away that with the technology we have today that these companies turn their back and don't use it. Whether it's with the Friday the 13th series or the Star Wars series or whatever, use seamless branching and let the fans decide which versions they prefer. If money is their goal, then just release the original theatrical runs along with the uncut or director's versions.
    In the end, the studios are missing the boat. It's difficult to say that whether they don't care of they're totally ignorant to what the DVD format can do. In either case, they are to blame and they need to get their heads out of their asses.
  3. Lewis Besze

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    Jul 28, 1999
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    Am,none of the "diabolical" links works,

    I get some weird invalid massege.

  4. David Lambert

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    Aug 3, 2001
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    Errrmmm, same here. I think they removed the linked items.
  5. Henry Gale

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    Jul 10, 1999
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    Errrmmm, they work for me....just click on CUT SCENES LINK on that page.

  6. Christina_V

    Christina_V Guest

    Well they still work for me at the moment and i'm on webtv.
    Sorry if they don't work for some people,maybe the mods are up to there old tricks again? just kidding.......but you never know.
    If you can't access them here go to & go to the cut scenes section.
    They deserve to be seen to show actually proof that footage exist(ed) & that we want them uncut! So spread the word & don't let them stop you......since this is a fight against censorhip & they may try there best to keep us from veiwing any photo's of any uncut footage,just to keep the masse's at bay & not know anything is missing.
  7. Jussi Tarvainen

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    They don't work, but it's easy enought to see the pics by going through the "cut scenes" link.
  8. Will K

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    Feb 6, 2001
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    I think it's a foregone conclusion that Paramount really doesn't care about this stuff, but hopefully, one of these days, $$$ will persuade them to restore these films to what the directors intended. Here's a few more links for those curious about cuts from the Friday The 13th films:
    Article on John Carl Buehler, director of Part VII
    Another interview with Buechler
    Article on the cuts made to Part VI
    The pages below may be slow-loading for some as they have a lot of stills.
    Article on the original film and the cuts
    Part 2 article
    Part 3 article
    Article on Part VII's incredible butchering
  9. Christina_V

    Christina_V Guest

    Thanks for the links Will!!
    I was wondering where that article on part 6 was,since uncut pictures have never been seen,to my knowledge anyway.
    Well the studio can't keep acting like the footage never existed ect & keep ignoring us,plenty of people know about what went on & we'll keep getting the word out.
    Considering parts 7 & 8 are bare bones R rated versions when released so far................uncut SE's better be released down the road!!!!
    Paramount (& all studio's who have some dumb policiy against "unrated" movies) do need to get there head far out of there ass's(as stated before).....and realise all the $$$ they're missing out on & do the smart thing for a change.
    We'll see what happens when the campaign picks up again + once part 7's released next year. Til then..i'll give it a rest for now.......and if all else fails,i'll just not support there product then & i'm sure others will feel the same way....because if we're gonna continue to be ignored by them,why support them?
  10. Chuck Esola

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    Mar 16, 2001
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    I've often suspected that Paramount really only cares about the titles in their library that have the words "star" and "trek" in them. Those films (and TV episodes) get countless sprecial edition releases while other worthwhile titles get only a cursory release. Still, never underestimate the power of money. When Paramount wakes up and realizes that there's market for the uncut Friday the 13th films you just may get your wish. I know I wouldn't mind owning them, the first few, anyway.
  11. MannyE

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    Sep 22, 2000
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    Have they realy made SEVEN Friday the 13ths? Wow...

    I remember laughing when the marquis in the "Heavy Metal" taxicab segment read "Jaws VII".

    I remember the reason I and most of my friends laughed was because we didn't think such a thing was possible...II yes, III maybe... but IV? ha ha ha....

    Am I the only one that thinks the writer of "5th Element" saw Heavy Metal the night before he started typing?
  12. Christina_V

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    Actually theres now 10!!!........Jason X is still yet to be released,but supposedly New Line is seting a date for spring/summer of next year....& they better to,the films been post-poned over a year or so.
    Not sure if it'll be good or not...but one things for sure...don't expect a scary movie(how could you??)'s gonna be more of an action/comedy.
    I think they went overboard with the series & to many sequels.....but since i wasn't old enough to see them/let alone know what they where,until i finnaly saw them durring the early 90's with all my friends as we grew up. So i can look past that for the most part & apprciate most of the films for certain reasons though only a few are actally good & better than usual........while if movie series today tryed to go on & on & on......i'd be bored quick.......+ i think hollywood learned(somewhat) from making to many sequels to one series........though they're still quick to cash in on the craze with to many rushed similar films(+ 1-2 sequels at least) in hopes of making $$$.........then they end up killing all the fun. Example..look what happened after Scream made 100K!!!!!
    As for the Fridays.....i'm only a fan of part 1,it's classic........part 3.....campy fun....& the best sequel EVER part 6:Jason Lives.......classic,though sadly butchured by the MPAA.
    The rest to me are.......
    2...disapointing heavily censored dull carbon copy of the first
    4.....very dull & not to mention extremely mean spirited
    5.....came to enjoy just for it's's hilarious.....but the censorship ruins it as well.
    7.....well made,though mostly a FX fest with all the FX cut! i'm waiting for the uncut version...then this will be worth watching...+ it's also one of the better sequels in the series on a closer look,just after Jason Lives.
    8.....extreme disapointment...huge missed opportunity at something new...yet from what i hear,it was the studios fault & they had to combine two films into one because the studio was to cheap.
    9.....try some new...thank you New Line cinema,it's about dam time! pretty good,but not the best.....still heads above the other sequels for trying something different & Jasox X is supposed take it farther.
    Yet all of the films do have there memorable moments & i would buy them all on dvd,if released uncut....but until then....i'll only buy the 3 best ones or none at all.

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