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So, Does Anyone Want to Talk About the SpongeBob Movie? (1 Viewer)

Ed Speir IV

Stunt Coordinator
Jan 10, 2001
I searched for a review/discussion thread on the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie but came up empty. I took my six-year-old to see it Friday night.

Admittedly, I am already a big fan of the show (and animation in general), but I found this movie to be absolutely perfect!! It takes all of the best/wackiest elements of the TV show and turns them up to maximum!! In my opinion, there is not one slow part or gag that fails.

I saw both the Beavis & Butthead and Powerpuff Girls movies at the theater when they were released as well, and both of them felt like they were just adding superficial stuff to stretch a 30-minute TV episode to theatrical length. Not so with the SpongeBob movie. I'm not sure of the actual running time, but it felt like a 30-minute TV episode!! I was never bored once.

For some reason, this movie gives me a "Ren & Stimpy" vibe because the humor is so off-the-wall and zany. The "Goofy Goober" song had me laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.

The animation quality has been kicked up slightly for the theatrical release, but it mostly looks like the show. The live-action sections were excellent as well. Plenty of "adult" humor and very little (if any) toilet humor unlike most kids' movies released today.

Highly recommended for kids and adults of all ages.


Supporting Actor
Apr 15, 2004
I thought it was just okay. The tv show is much better and has way better jokes. My girls enjoyed it.

Robert Ringwald

Senior HTF Member
May 16, 2001
I absolutely HATE the show, and find it completely unfunny.

I was dragged to see this movie, and was determined to have a bad time.

Didn't work.

I actually enjoyed the film very much. I threw my hands up in the air about a million times saying "What the heck was that!?" It was just so bizarre and ridiculous I found myself just sitting back and having fun with it. Quite possibly one of the weirdest movies I've ever seen. A great surprise.

:star: :star: :star:


Definitely not a movie designed for children. The drunken ice-cream bit, as well as the very dark subject matter in a few scenes clearly show that this is a movie aimed at the pre-teen and older crowd.

Gordon Moore

Second Unit
Nov 1, 2000
I walked out so dumb I nearly forgot how to drive the car home.
Other than a highly creative opening (I was half wishing that the pirates would actually burst into the theater and sit in the front row) the rest was abit of a let down. The Hasslehoff cameo was wasted on the intended age group.

I'd disagree with the suitable for all ages comment but it's a very subjective thing anyway.



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Jan 16, 2001
Real Name
I saw this movie for the first time last night at a friends house. Mind you, I had had a couple of glasses of wine but I couldn't stop laughing. This movie is definitely Not just for kids? Hysterical!


Senior HTF Member
Aug 20, 2000
I like the TV show and, based on the trailers, had high expectations for the movie. After seeing the movie I was a little disappointed. I thought the film was rather mediocre. The framework of the movie was a done-to-death quest scenario that completely ignored what made Spongebob successful on TV. The film ignored the fact that the strength of Spongebob Squarepants is in the interactions between Spongebob and all the oddball residents of Bikini Bottom. The quest nature of the story reduced all the best characters in Bikini Bottom to mere ciphers.

Mr. Crabs and Plankton, two of the best supporting characters, were used merely to jumpstart the quest. Other strong characters such as Sandy Squirrel and Mrs. Puff were reduced to mere cameos or were ignored altogether. Several new characters were introduced but all them were pretty well ciphers, used only to propel the quest. None of them were really memorable.

A lot of the gags just fell flat. Unlike the TV show the humour in the movie had no "spark". A lot of the humour just seemed forced, as if the writers were struggling to fill the allotted running time.

The Spongebob Squarepants Movie demonstrates that Spongebob is best suited to a half-hour TV time slot.

Greg L

Nov 16, 2003
Movie was okay - I went in with low expectations and came away pleasantly surprized. As said above, IMHO tv episodes work better. FWIW I was also surprised at the number of people there without kids lol!

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