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    i recently bought this driver from another forum member becuase i couldn't find the 1803 that i had my heart set on. well, i found the 1803 so now i have a tempest for sale. the driver is in great shape. id like someone to pick it up locally though as to avoid shipping the beast.
    there were a few forum members interested when the original owner mentioned selling the driver and im hoping they will see this thread.
    admin, im not sure if this thread is not allowed in this section or not but if possible could you let this thread go for a day or two. id like $95 for the driver.
    if interested, please email me at [email protected]
  2. Was Brian able to hook you up?
    Glad to hear you got one! Do let me know when you get it up and running=) I need to experience brutal vented SPL=)
    ONe piece of advice, make sure your downfiring sonotube has enough mass, or it will jump around!!!!! (I recommend 1.5-2" thick end caps with a 1-2" thick bass plate[​IMG])

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