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Discussion in 'DVD' started by MarcoBiscotti, Dec 16, 2003.

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    Sep 2, 2003
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    I am so sick of having to replace my snappers every other year!!! Why do these still exist?!?!

    Anyways, I was just wondering if anybody knew of any convenient snap case DVD holders or racks for shelf storage to avoid having the cases dented and plastic chipped every 6 months... How do you guys store these in your collection?

  2. Jesse Blacklow

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    Oct 14, 2002
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    There are several options, ranked from worst to best:
    1. Store your snappers separate from the rest of your collection, usually in one of those plastic CD/DVD holders. This is the easiest (and probably cheapest) way to solve the problem.
    2. Take the DVDs out of the snappers and put them into one of those CD binders. Some people do this with their entire collection anyway. Personally I think it's kinda tacky and necessary only if you have a large collection in a limited room (i.e. a dorm or small apartment).
    3. Scan and print out your snapper covers (outside and inside), buy some blank DVD cases (Amaray?), and move your discs into those. There are places with tips and/or templates on this process. It's time-consuming, but it definitely looks better. Your collection will have more of a sense of unity.
    4. Go to a site like DVD Cover Art, download and print out scans or cool custom covers. Repeat as above. This is probably the most expensive way, especially if you're replacing a lot of covers. [/list=1]
      Personally, I'd go with the last option, if it's feasible. DVD Cover Art charges for credits, and usually it's 1 credit per cover (1/2 for inserts), but credits are pretty cheap (less than $4 for 20). The advantage is that most of these covers are expertly scanned, and a lot of the custom covers are much better than the originals (like Ric Easton's, among others). In fact, you'll probably spend more on nice paper (use their recommendations for best quality) than on the downloads. If you don't have the spare cash or time, go with option 1 or 2, whichever you like best.
  3. Lars Vermundsberget

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    I know I'm not offering any further solutions here, sorry.

    But I just can't help wondering...:

    Quote: "having the cases dented and plastic chipped every 6 months..."

    How are you handling your DVDs? If DVDs are played from time to time but spend the most of the time "stored", how does this happen?

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