Smallville 2/12/02

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  1. Patrick Sun

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    Jun 30, 1999
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    Goodness, I found this to be a terrific examination of what makes Clark Kent "super" and it's not just his extra-ordinary powers, but the core of his being which dictates his moral compass. This is, of course, the examination of "with great power comes great responsibility".
    When a freakish lightning strike coupled with kryptonite transfers Clark's powers to a nerdy schoolmate, Clark finally sees that it's not the powers that defines him, but he who defines his powers. The Kents did a great job in instilling the values that help him become the Superman that will be one day.
    This episode served to fix many of Clark's problems, mainly getting Lex off the hunt for Clark's secret. It also allowed him to be a normal guy for a day or two. While fleeting, I'm sure it helps him understand how normal mortals live their lives and the difficulties they endure being such "normal" people.
    Without a moral compass, Eric (the boy who got Clark's powers) was out of control, and having such a bad parental relationship was the crux of the matter for having no control or forethought to his actions. Amazing how quick a town can turn on a "Superboy" after seeing the capacity to do not only good, but so much destruction as well.
    FYI, the actor playing Eric was Bobby Drake (Iceman) in the X-Men film from a couple of years ago.
    Damn if Clark didn't look sad when he realized that he and Lana will probably never be now that he has his powers back. I find it humorous when they trade what amounts to be fortune cookie proverbs (this week it was "you have to let go to move forward.")
    Also loved the Lex switcheroo number he did on Victoria and her father. Gotta love hostile takeover bids. [​IMG]
  2. josh4040

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    Jan 17, 2002
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    I think this was my favoirte episode of smallville. Really intresting story line. Clark got to see how the other half lives. Also it was fascinating to see how nutty the leech could be. The cars flipping over, and the car through the roof were nice! also I found it intresting that I really dug the music tonight... a smallvile soundtrack sounds good.
  3. Shayne Lebrun

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    Jun 17, 1999
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    Although I didn't like the "Hmmm...Clark, I think you have super powers." "Not today! bwahahahaha! Check back tonight, though." coincidence. Too pat, too neat.

    Somebody needs to find out about Clark's powers, and soon. I always assumed it would be Chloe, and now is the perfect time for it. Clark can point out what happened with Erik as a reason she needs to sit on it.
  4. Dave_P

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    Apr 13, 2000
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    I too thought this was a great episode. I have a lot of the same feelings as Patrick on the subject, but I am afraid I am not nearly as eloquent in my writing to put those thoughts into words.

    My thoughts on the episode:

    Clark gets to be normal and finds it refreshing.

    Clark still feels responsibility for his powers.

    Clark and Lana together are electric.

    Victoria is hot!

    Victoria is deceitful and underhanded. (who knew?)

    Lana's eyes melt my heart.

    Ok, enough already!

    Car flipping is COOL!!

    Lex is already extremely smart.

    Lex will blackmail his father soon with those pictures.

    Lex and Clark really are friends. (I'm pretty sure.)

    Anything else?

    There probably is but I've said enough for now.
  5. JohnS

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    John Steffens
    I LOVED THIS EPISODE! The best one so far.
    Loved the look of the lightning scene.
    Another line I'll add is at the end when Victoria and Lex talk.
    Victoria: We could have been great together.
    Lex: I plan on being great on my own!
  6. Feng

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    Dec 19, 2001
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    I know Superman is more fantasy than science fiction, but I find the "transferring power" idea too far-fetched. Clark has the powers because he is from planet Krypton and has different biological structure than humans. I don't think that can be "transferred".
  7. Chad R

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    Jul 14, 1999
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    Chad Rouch
    If you try and invoke logic and scientific fact into your comic book heroes you'll go blind.

    This was a great episode. I'm really beginning to love this show because the writers understand that the prime principal of what makes Superman great isn't his powers, but his infallible nature to alwaysdto what's right.
  8. GARY C

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    Jul 27, 1999
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    I guess it's all in the way you look at it.

    IMO, all of the inhabitants of Krypton have powers, but they are/were suppressed by the make-up of the planet (the green Krypton). I wouldn't call them 'biological' because they extend beyond normal means. If it were enhanced strength, invulnerability and speed alone then yes you could assume they are heightened because of Clark being away from Krypton.

    But in the end they also include x-ray vision, flight and the 'laser' beams. Which (again) IMO are more power related than biological.

    Again, other things may have been stated in the comics over the years, but this was my take on it.

    The episode itself was great. Like someone said it was a little contrived that everything fell into place when Clark needed it, but it was needed! With a few loose ends tied up they can now concentrate on some new areas. I hope they delve into the Clark-Chloe and Clark-Lex relationships a little further. They have done enough with Lana for now (not that I mind seeing her on the screen).
  9. DonWinzen

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    Jan 3, 2002
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    Thank you to Feng. The transferring powers idea should be offensive to any "Superman" fan. When I was watching it last night with my wife I made the exact same comment that he receives his powers from being born on a planet with a much heavier density and a red sun. His powers transferred to a human, if it were possible under this "folklore" would not make the recipient invincible or super strong because his physiology wouldn't allow it.

    Regardless of this, I still enjoyed the episode for the moral of the story as well as the relationships. If I were Clark I would go after Chloe; she is much deeper, intelligent and more attractive than Lana (even though Lana is no slouch). Any girl that is dedicated to such a loser like Whitney is an idiot.

    Also, to another poster logic can be applied to a Fantasy world were certain rules apply.

    And to the poster, Gary. A more appropriate description would be organic or carbon-based. The powers that extended to X-Ray, etc was not used on Krypton either. Something that the red sun suppressed.

    The consistent model of the Superman character is his strong sense of right and wrong, not the many shades of grey. It is nice to see that doing what is right is still a popular theme and not what is politically correct.
  10. Rollie

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    May 30, 2000
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    I've said it before, and I'll say it again...this show just keeps getting better! Clark got a day off, relaxed for once, and became a little closer to Lana; what else do you need? Lex is still the best character on this show, and I love the fact that he can be so dark and deceitful and still be Clark's best friend!

    Even though this show is in it's first season I can't help but think, "How the hell is this show ever gonna make it to DVD?" The music rights will be a monster!
  11. Dave Scarpa

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    Apr 8, 1999
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    David Scarpa
    Yeah I see that as a major holdup, also it'll probably be about 22 episode season, so it may yeild a heavy pricetag, but I'd probably buy it. I don't follow Buffy but does'nt that show also feature any cutting edge music....

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