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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by MarkGT, Jun 19, 2005.

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    Revisiting the small sub arena. Currently have (and continue to enjoy) my SVS PCi as well as a Velodyne FSR15. My next theater and the perpetual WAF makes necessary a smaller sub enclosure. Tight response on music is key, but I'm also looking for decent 20hz extension for theater (a paradox in a small enclosure, I realize). Listening room size is 15x12x8 and it opens to a larger room on one side.
    I can't audition them all, so help me out... Other ideas are appreciated...

    Velodyne SPL1200r (newest, has built in auto EQ)
    Velodyne HGS 12 (used)
    Sunfire TrueSub Eq (no local dealer)
    Definitive Supercube
    Paradigm Seismic 12
    Infinity CSW10 (no local dealer)
    James EMB series (no local dealer)
    AV123 UFW-10 (also a new UFW-12 is coming out)
    Adire Rava2
    Outlaw LFM-1
    HSU VTF-2
    SVS PB-10-ISD

    I'm leaning right now toward the new Velo SPL1200r. Pricey, but it is really small, has the auto EQ, is musical, and supposedly gets deep. I can buy it at a reasonable discount. Don't know if anyone could throw out a comparison of this sub to say a HSU VTF2, the Outlaw, SVS PB-10, or others? Demo'd a Supercube in my house but I am leaning away from it due to bloat and boom. Not quite musical enough though it was great for theater. I am a huge SVS/HSU fan but their bigger/better models (VTF-3,PB12,cylinders) are just too big for this application... My wife is really pushing a size < 15x15x15 if possible; though I might be able to swing a HSU VTF-2/Outlaw/SVS PB-10 given their substantial cost savings. On the other hand, I don't mind spending the extra money if it's worth it to get a more musical small sub. Thanks for your help. Mark
  2. Alan Pummill

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    Jul 6, 1999
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  3. Dan DRC

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    Dec 4, 2001
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    I would lean towards the last 4 subs on your list. I bought a HSU VTF-2 last week and I am very pleased so far. Very musical and can play low also.
  4. Arthur S

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    Some responses to your list.

    LMF-1 is neither small nor solid to 20Hz. When they had the B-Stock for $399 though, it might have been worth the compromises. At $580 plus $65 shipping, I would rule it out.

    Scratch the Supercube. Scratch Infinity. VTF-2 won't do 20 Hz, scratch it. UFW-12 will be great but 20X20X20, scratch it. UFW-10 won't do 20Hz scratch it. HGS 12 won't do much at 20 HZ, scratch it. James, who knows? Adire Rava2 won't do 20 Hz, scratch it.

    So, since you say you don't mind spending more and your wife would really like you to stay under 15X3, why not look at what is really out there. That Velo SPL1200R looks pretty good and is only a little bigger than 15X3, and you can get a discount. The Sunfire EQ is in its 5th generation, and at 11X3 would put a big smile on your wifes face.

    As Jack Gilvey noted over on AVS, the PB-10 will meet your sonic needs much more cheaply than the rest, but is not really small, and lacks a bunch of features. Maybe you want to spend the extra bucks and get either the Velo or Sunfire and make your wife happy.

    What is more important, saving $1,000 by getting the PB-10, or making your wife real happy? Have to choose your compromises.
  5. Tyson Wetzel

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    Jul 1, 2004
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    I'm a big fan of the True EQ. Would own one in a heartbeat if size were a factor (currently own Energy S12.3)
  6. Joe L.

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    Oct 18, 2003
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    My brother has a James EMB-1000 subwoofer in his theater. I was impressed at what it could do in a very small enclosure. I think it uses a 10 inch driver mounted a few inches behind a 10 inch passive radiator powered by a 1000 watt amplifier in a box about 12x12x14 inches. They advertise it has a frequency response from 20 - 150 Hz +/- 2dB.

    Now, I use a DIY 15 inch Adire Tempest driver in a 9 1/2 cubic foot enclosure in my theater. Its response is equalized to be flat to below 16Hz, so I expect a lot from a subwoofer as it easily rattles the room if I turn up the volume. The EMB-1000 held its own when I visited my brother's theater. I am used to exceptional bass in the home-theater and I was surprised at how well it did. Clean, deep bass and lots of it. Very good bass from a much smaller enclosure than mine. (but then, most subs are much smaller than mine [​IMG])

    Now, my brother has a smaller room than I do (he has a 10x16 room), but clean 20 Hz deep bass was there. His sub just could not reproduce the infrasonic bass like mine, but again, most cannot. (

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