Smaller speakers good for music?

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  1. Dennis Ellis

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    Jan 2, 2001
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    In my quest to find some small satellites I have read some people mentioning that smaller speakers are lacking when it comes to music. I think I read this regarding the energy Take 5's. Can anyone confirm/dispute this? I know everyone has different ears but I'd like to get a general concensus.

    I really want a new set of speakers but I do a good mix of music/dvd's.

    I've also seen (but not heard) the Polk RM6000's. Any input on these or comparisons to the energy take 5's?

    Can anyone recommend a good online place for Energy, Polk, etc.


  2. Jay Mitchosky

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    Smaller speakers tend to give up lower end response. But they also tend to excel at imaging. You can supplement the bottom end with a quality sub, the advantage being that the sub can placed optimally for low frequencies. The type of music you listen to would dictate whether or not you need the sub.

    Listen around to find what you like. Ultimately it's not the size so much as how it sounds that's important.

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