Small room system: Ventriloquist/STF1 vs Def Tech ProCinema 60 or 80

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Dan Keliikoa, May 27, 2005.

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    It's all pretty much there in my title [​IMG]

    What do you guys think? We have the new JVC 52" HD-ila in the bedroom, sitting on the dresser at an ideal viewing height. Time to consider surround sound.

    I've got it down to the systems listed because:

    --Budget for speaker system is $700.

    --Space is tight...don't want to hang any surrounds bigger than the DefTech ProSat 80s. Subwoofer can't be bigger than what comes in these systems (besides, in that room, a quality 8" sub will go a LONG way).

    --I've got a lot of experience with the DefTech stuff and like how it performs, but have heard a lot of good things about the VT12 from Hsu and am intrigued by it, and like the satellite size and it sounds like the sub might be of higher ilk than the DefTech.

    Owners of either please chime in with your thoughts and opinions...or if anyone else has good suggestions. Will be running a Sony 100x7 receiver STRDE698/B.

    Front sats will go on 48" stands, center will go on top of Tv (have a CCH1B center channel shelf on my JVC), center will be about 18" - 24" above the sats. Fronts will be about 6' apart. Surrounds to be facing each other, mounted about 7' up on side walls at back of room. Rear surround (6.1) is optional at this point.

    Thanks! Dan
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    The ProCinemas are really less than impressive, IMO. I'd opt for just about anything over them, with the exception of Bose. Though I haven't even heard it, based on the price and professional reviews, I'd say its a no brainer that the VT-12 would be the way to go. I've owned an HSU sub, and it sounded great and was a quality piece of gear. My dad was looking for a small system, and it would definitely have been the VT-12 if I hadn't found another small sub/sat system for less.
  3. Ricky c

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    I had the pro100's w/c2 center and the 200tl sub for over 4 yrs and they were great for ht and music.They were wired via specs.I have never heard the other speakers you mentioned,but i dont think you'll go wrong with the DT's.Since you know about's you also know that the procinemas can be mixed and matched to whatever you want between their sizes.The 60's only come as a package but the 80's,100's and 200's can be combined.

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