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    OK, I am up and running on my HK AVR8000 and it has several additional adjustments over my past receiver. The one I am trying to figure out how to set up is the front speakers. I searched this forum and cannot find a consistent answer, but I am leaning towards using the small setting all around with an 80hz xover. The AVR8000 appears to have the ability to adjust speaker setting for each input and decoding method, so many choices. Here is my setup, Swan Diva’s - 6.1 fronts(full range), C3 center, R3 surrounds and an SVS 16-46 CS+. Any help would be appreciated. I just read this link but it does not give a conclusive recommendation. Thanks
    “If you want consistent bass response from each channel of your 5.1 system, in the opinion of this writer, you're best to set all speakers to "Small", set them all to the same crossover point, and set that point no lower than what you are comfortable throwing away from the LFE channel. If your main left and right speakers are genuinely full range (be honest now!), then you are better off running them full range as opposed to high-passing them at a ridiculously low frequency. Short of that, high passing floor-standing speakers at 70 Hz is not "wasting" them in any way shape or form and in fact will more than likely extend their dynamic range thanks to the relief they'll be getting from the high-pass. Alternatively, setting center and surrounds as "Small", the mains as "Large", subwoofer as "None", and implementing an external two channel crossover to the subwoofer is a valid, and in some situations an advantageous way to go.”
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    I think the answer WAS in that statement:


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