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    another novice here and any help would be greatly appreciated! i would like to know if some people could tell me how to connect my system " optimally "? i dont have the manuals because these components were given to me . i have the following : a standard cable box with composite out , digital audio out (rca) s-video ,ir, usb port . the television is a toshiba 32AF45 with colorstream it has 3 composite video imputs , 1 s-video imput and 1 component video imput the dvd player has 1 composite out , 1 s-video out , 1 component video out , and 1 digital audio out (coaxial) the vcr has just 2 composite , 1 in 1 out . now for me ,the chaos begins ! the HT Receiver is a pioneer VSX-9300TX . to me this seems to have alot of options for hook-ups . i don't want to give the specs for fear of messing it up . i'm sure atleast someone here is familiar with this receiver , and could tell me how to "optimally" apply my other components . i was told it was a decent receiver . please , any help would be greatly appreciated , thanx Type Receiver

    Number of Channels 7.1 Channels

    Stereo Mode Power 110 Watt @ 8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, THD: 0.09%

    Surround Mode Power 110 Watt @ 8 ohm, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, THD: 0.09%

    Surround Sound DTS ES® • THX EX® • Dolby Pro Logic II • DTS Neo:6 • DTS 96/24

    THX Certification Select
    Inputs / Outputs
    Rear Input Connectors RCA (2 Audio Channels) x 9 • Digital Coaxial x 2 • Digital Optical x 3 • S-Video x 5 • Component x 2

    PC Interface USB

    Surround Analog Inputs 7.1 Channels x 1

    Preamp Outputs 7.1 Channels
    Tuner Presets 30 Channels

    On Screen Display With OSD
    Remote Control
    Remote Control Type Learning

    Illuminated Remote Illuminated

    Design Keypad with Display
    Weight 45 lb.
    MPN VSX9300TX

    Product ID 24968659
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    It looks like your receiver should upconvert composite and s-video to component. My reccomendation is to run everything through the receiver, both audio and video. Then it's just a simple click on your remote and you don't have to worry about inputs on the TV. This will actually take a little bit of time on the set-up, but in the end it will be easier. Here is how I would do it:
    Cable box:
    Video - S-video to the Receiver's TV/Sat In
    Audio - Digital audio (coaxial) to the Receiver's Digital CD In (It's a black RCA Jack on the far left)

    DVD player:
    Video - component to the Receiver's Assignable [1] component
    Audio - Digital audio (coaxial) to the Receiver's Digital DVD/LD In (right above digital CD in)

    Video - composite out to the Receiver's VCR1/DVR in
    composite in to the Receiver's VCR1/DVR out
    Audio - If you have the Red & White audio out, same as video. Otherwise, we have problems.

    Television - connect the Receiver's Monitor Out component to your TV's component in

    That's it for wires. Look in the manual for how to re-assign inputs. You need to assign the CD digital audio to the TV/Sat input and the Assignable [1] component to the DVD/LD input.

    Good luck.
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    thanx alot jonny h !!! now to order the cables !!

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