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small apartment, wondering what speakers to get (1 Viewer)

Richard Santo

Mar 23, 2003
I have 2 rooms that open in to each other with french doors. The dimensions are approx. 10x11 for the bigger room and maybe 9x11 for the smaller adjoining room. What makes it hard is the fact that there are french doors adjoining the two rooms (I wish i could just take the wall down and make it one big room). I really don't know how i'm going to position the seating and rear speakers.

Before I decided on this apartment, i was thinking of getting Paradigm reference studio 40s, studio/cc, studio/adp. Are these a good choice given the constraints of my space? I'm planning on hooking them up to an Anthem pva7 amp and a rotel rsp-1066 processor.

I can probably get a couple of comfortable reclining chairs that i can place slightly forward of the opening the french doors create. Kinda sucks if the girlfriend wants to watch movies but I'm normally by myself.

I could really use some advise here, thanks.

Andrew Pezzo

Second Unit
Mar 17, 2003
If you are looking for a small speaker system try the Energy Take 5.2. I had a set and they do an excellent job of filling a space with sound. The small size and included mounting brackets make them easy to place. Plus they are excellent speakers.

Matt Odegard

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 5, 2002
Richard, I to live in an Apt now. Its 12.6*13.7 with a 9*9(est) adjoing room. I have the Studio 40's/20's/CC/ADP 170's, powered by Elite 45tx. The sound is great, hell awesome IMO.

Those 40's put out soo much low rumbley bass in movies(not so much music) I almost shat my pants. Of course this is my first set of good speakers in 10yrs and before I had some Cerwin Vega's and an old Klipsch passive sub, so what may be alot to me may not to you. I hardly need to turn my reciever past -25. I'm also going to get some bass shakers which will be Icing on the cake;p Anyway, I would get something that more than fits your room so if and when you move out and get a bigger place you won't have to worry about not filling up the room with sound.

Of course everyone will tell you different. But I went with my setup because I know I won't live in an apartment forever.

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