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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Jongyoon Lee, Mar 17, 2006.

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    I'm looking for something to power the in-wall speakers we have at home, that weren't being used before. I now have a receiver with 2nd and 3rd room outputs, but they are line level preout that require dedicated amplifiers. My budget is somewhat flexible. I'd really like to keep it under $100, but am looking at $300 solutions as well. I don't need fancy amplifiers as I only need to power in-walls in moderate volume level.

    What I want is something very small and inconspicuous, something like Sonic Impact class T amps, so it can be hidden away and out of sight. I have read that the usable power output of Sonic Impact is around 6 watts. I think I need at least 30 watts to power in-wall speakers in large rooms though. Maybe 6 watts is enough to provide background music. Does anyone here have Sonic Impact want to share their impression?

    My next option is just to get cheap consumer grade two channel receivers from Yamaha / Onkyo / Sony. I think I can get one for $100. If I have a dedicated two channel receiver, I won't be using the 2nd and 3rd room option from my HT receiver, but instead connect the source directly to the two channel receivers that power the in-walls, which can pose a small inconvenience. My other concern is the sound quality and size.

    The third option is to get decent two channel power amps. NAD / Adcom / Marantz two channel amps run from $200-$400 in the used market. Going this route, I know that I'm buying something I can re-use later on in more serious setup if needed. With first two options I might end up getting junk products. The size is the main concern here, as I don't have an equipment rack around where I want to put the amps.

    Any thoughts? Does anyone know if Sonic Impact is coming out with 30 watts version of T amps? [​IMG]
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    Why not order the regular Sonic Impact for $29.99 and see if it's enough power for you. Your speakers are most likely rated to produce something like 88-90db from 1 watt. Let's say 89 for average. 1 watt at 1 meter gets you 89 db...I'd consider that louder than background level. 2 watts gets you 92db, 4 watts get the idea.

    If you need more power than that, you're looking at the cheap receiver option, used, or something like the Behringer A500 for $180.

    You're probably going to have to decide which of your requirements you're willing to compromise...power, sound quality, or price.


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