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Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Jared_B, Aug 29, 2002.

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    May 7, 2001
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    Been playing several 8 person Halo multiplayer games lately, and noticed that my friend's Xbox had some trouble keeping a steady framerate. If Halo normally runs at 30 frames per second, I'd say this was about half or one third of that. It was so choppy that it was hard to play. My xbox seemed totally unaffected.

    Specs: 8 person multiplayer
    Level - Prisoner (not a huge level, but average size)
    Game - Rockets (all players have rockets, very fast, many explosions/flying debris)
    All conected through a hub/network cables. The 2 Xboxes were the only things connected to the hub.

    My xbox was the server, providing the game, and it had no problems at all. It's hooked up to my HDTV using the MS HiDef pack, using optical for 5.1 sound. My friends Xbox was hooked up to my 36" standard TV using the standard cables, stereo sound.

    I have had Halo slow down before when playing single player with many enemies on screen, so I can understand why it might do it in the above situation. What I don't understand is why my friend's Xbox slowed down, but not mine. You'd think that with my Xbox being the server, outputting 480p and 5.1, that mine would be the first to slow down.
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    It is a little late now but I would suggest swapping the XBOX's. If your friends machine continues to show slow-down as the server, your frieds XBOX needs repairing. If the slow-down has switched to your XBOX it is probably a cable issue (or even the hub).


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