Slight red "blur" at edges of screen

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Tommy_G, Jan 20, 2005.

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    Hi everyone,

    It's my first post here at Home Theater, so please forgive me if I'm asking about something that a million people have already asked about. I read through the appropriate forums for this topic and didn't see anything, so hopefully it's not that common a topic.

    I have recently purchased the Toshiba 51H84C television (16:9, HD) from Best Buy. This tv is connected to a Toshiba SD 5970 DVD player via a Monster HDMI cable. Audio is output through the digital coax from the DVD player to a JVC 700w surround system.

    I've had the tv for a little less than 2 weeks now, and everything about it is great as far as my eyes can tell, except for one problem (and no, it's not the white line problem).

    When the input source (DVD) is off, or a black image is projected on the screen, I notice a slight red blurring at the sides of the TV. The size of these blurry areas varies from time to time. At first I thought it was just some reflection or something, but even with all lights turned off and windows covered, I still notice the red blurring.

    Then I thought it might be from my surround speakers. I moved the front speakers away from the tv but didn't notice any different. Also, the red blurs only occur at the edge of the screen, not at the top. And sitting on top of the tv is my center channel; same speaker type (small satellite JVC speakers). But there is no red blur at the top of the screen. This made me think the red blur was NOT caused by my speakers, but who knows.

    Anyway, it's a fairly small problem as the red image is not noticable at ALL when an image is displayed on the screen (unless the image is very dark or near black at the edges).

    Is anyone familiar with what could be causing this? Is it normal for RPTVs? Is there a problem?

    Any advice or help is truly appreciated. I have already adjusted all the brightness, contrast, tint, etc settings and am VERY happy with the PQ during normal DVD watching. It's just when the screen is dark that I notice that slight red blurring.

    Thanks for any help.

  2. John S

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    Maybe just some light leakage from the red lens???

    I really have no clue. But if the screens are not in just right / tight, you can get light leakage from around the screen on given edges for sure.
  3. Michael TLV

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    Michael Chen

    It may just be that the grayscale is more read on the dark end ... hence more easily visible ...

  4. Leo Kerr

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    May 10, 1999
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    Or, if not light-leakage, perhaps something in the overscan reflecting off of something near the screen itself?


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