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  1. Jared_B

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    May 7, 2001
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    Anyone know where to get good deals on ski/snowboard jackets or aperal? I've been wanting this Columbia jacket, but the damn thing is $315!!! I also need some gloves or mitts, but they are about $65. Why is this stuff so expensive?

  2. Mark Dubbelboer

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    Oct 6, 1999
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    my mom went to south eastern china last year and bought me a sweet north face parka. It's ridiculous how cheap the stuff is over there. But it's worth it, i'm never cold
  3. MikeH1

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    Oct 25, 2000
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    Jared, I would stay away from Columbia. Dollar for dollar there not very good. I owned a Columbia "Huntstein" shell that cost me almost $200.00 and the thing did not keep me dry very well even when it was still quite new. Last year with much shopping around I found a Sierra Designs Gore-Tex that cost me 450.00. Its only the "2 ply", not the better "3 ply" or the newest "XCR?" types. Of course it gets much more expensive with each type but yes deals can be found.

    The best deal I found(and will never find another one like it) is when I was helping out a guy with his auction. Before the auction started I noticed a new Spyder ski jacket and pants, I asked him if I could buy it. He said sure give me 20 bucks. Twenty bucks for a new $900.00 Spyder ski suit! It was a good day
  4. Jay H

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    Mar 22, 1999
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    Two places that I recommend:
    REI Outlet sometimes have coupons, STP sometimes
    has coupons, just search like
    "+REI +coupon" or "+sierratradingpost +coupon" and
    you might find some coupons for first customers.
    They have general outdoor gear but also you can
    do speciallized searchs and stuff.
    It's expensive cause:
    1)Gore-Tex rights are expensive
    2)they can and the market can bear it
    3)it's a niche field.
    If you aren't talking life or death here, Gore-Tex
    isn't entirely necessary, other companies make excellent
    DWR fabric (like Gore-Tex). Patagonia, Marmot both make
    great waterproof and breathable fabric that's cheaper than
    Gore Tex. In fact, I have a $80 Marmot Precip jacket and
    pants that are great as a shell. It's not as durable
    as a 3-layer Gore-Tex shell nor as warm, but for
    $80 for the top and $70 for the pants, they are
    excellent values. Outside magazine usually rates
    alot of fabrics so do a search for "DWR" or Gore-Tex
    P.S. Don't limit yourself to Columbia, they make
    OK casual wear but they don't have as good a reputation
    as some of the more serious outfitters yet they're not
    exactly cheap either.
    P.P.S. If your life is hanging on it, then Gore-Tex is
    recommended, but like you've found, it's awfully
  5. Rob_J

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    Aug 4, 2001
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    Columbia is one of my most favorite outerwear companies! I have a columbia 3-in-one (Bugaboo I think) and the inner "fleece" (actually has a nylon outer and fleece lining) is just plain awesome! I wear just the inside piece for most weather, and only put the outter and inner together when it's colder than about -15. Anything warmer and I'd be roasting to death.

    True, it is not water proof, and skiing on a mild day will make it pretty wet. It's a price I'm willing to pay though, I could never justify the price of a North Face or similar gore-tex jackets.

    I also really love their ski pants. Very nice.

    Oh, and if you want a good deal, wait until spring.

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