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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by JasonTan, Jan 12, 2006.

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    Nov 7, 2005
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    So I'm getting a new apartment and with it I'm planning to get as good a speaker system as I can afford but I'm curious if maybe I'm planning too much for little space.

    I was planning on filling one of two rooms in the new apartment with some paradigms (small possibility of klipch as well, depends how the difference in price & sound is at time of purchase). As far as which ones I was thinking maybe:

    - 2 monitor 3's for the mains
    - a CC-370 center
    - 2 ADP-370 for the surrounds
    - Subwoofer is undecided, haven't even looked at any yet.
    - Receiver is also unknown as of yet, i was thinking something in the denon/onkyo/outlaw family though since they all seem to get good reviews.

    Now the rooms of choice are either a 10'10 x 10'2 spare bedroom OR a 12'0 x 18'9 living room. Is the 10x10 bedroom enough room in your opinions for this kind of setup which will also clearly have a couch and stands and such or would the larger living room be more ideal?
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    Either room will work fine since your looking at using the ADPs. If you were using another set of monitors for your surrounds, I'd recommend the larger room.

    You'll need a sub with this for movies. Hsu and Outlaw make smaller subs that might work. If set up properly, they won't overpower your speakers or drive your neighbors crazy.

    I'd look at yamaha, denon, onkyo in the $700 range for a receiver. I haven't kept up with the models lately, but look for the ones below the $1000 range.

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