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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by martyTeboe, Jan 30, 2005.

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    Jan 22, 2005
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    One problem that I experience with Sirius is the need to move my indoor antenna to keep up with the satellite movements. The windows in my apartment face South and West, rather than the North or East that they suggest for people in this region (San Francisco Bay Area). I've contacted Sirius Customer Service to determine if more Terrstrial Repeaters will be put up within the coming year, and received the following response:

    "Marty, we are unable to provide any information regarding the location of our terrestrial repeaters as it is proprietary information. We are dedicated to providing quality service and customer satisfaction. We
    encourage comments on how we can improve our service. Thanks again for taking the time to write in!


    SIRIUS Customer Care Agent"

    I suppose I understand the need to keep the location a secret, but I'd asked to know if there will be MORE of them to look forward to. They simply won't tell me....

    Now, I realize that XM's birds fly in a geosynchronous orbit, and this reception issue is not so much a problem for XM's subs. If I was in this for music only, I'd make the switch. But I'm not, and I'm sticking to Sirius.

    My question: Has anyone heard of more Terrestrial Repeaters to be added to the existing infrastructure here in Northern California?


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    Ronald Epstein

    I have a problem with Sirius in my car.

    Anytime I go beneath an underpass I get
    dropout. Extended period of time under
    a gas station or drive-up bank window roof
    provides me with complete signal loss.

    I've been complaining about the lack of
    repeaters in this area for the past year.
    I even spoke directly with Sirius management
    about it when I visited them a year ago.

    Nothing has been done to improve the outtages.

    Funny thing is, I live only 50 miles outside
    of New York City in one of the most populated
    counties. You would think there would be a
    little more emphasis put in getting repeaters
    out here.

    My suggestion is to go on Sirius Backstage and
    start making some noise. I know Sirius people
    read that board daily. Perhaps your complaint
    will be heard.
  3. martyTeboe

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    I have that problem too, Ron. I think that's a very good idea, and I'll certainly do just that.



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