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3D Blu-ray Review Sin City: A Dame To Kill For 3D Blu-ray/DVD Combo Blu-ray review (1 Viewer)

Timothy E

Jul 20, 2007
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Timothy Ewanyshyn
Sin City: A Dame To Kill For 3D Blu-ray/DVD Combo Blu-ray review

Josh Brolin replaces Clive Owen as Dwight in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, the sequel to Sin City(2005) that has most of the original cast returning, including Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Rosario Dawson, Powers Boothe, Jude Ciccolella, and even graphic novel creator Frank Miller in a cameo role. Joseph Gordon-Levitt(Inception) joins the cast in the role of Johnny, the gambler who dares to challenge corrupt Senator Roark's supremacy. Dennis Haysbert plays Manute, replacing Michael Clarke Duncan, who passed away in 2012. Ray Liotta, Christopher Meloni, Juno Temple, and Jeremy Piven also join the cast of this sequel based upon the graphic novels written and illustrated by Frank Miller, who returns to direct this film with Robert Rodriguez, just as they collaborated in directing the original Sin City. Although based upon the graphic novel series of the same name, Miller wrote some new material for the film version of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

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Studio: Anchor Bay

Distributed By: Anchor Bay

Video Resolution and Encode: 1080P/AVC, 1080P/MVC

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Audio: English 5.1 Dolby TrueHD

Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish

Rating: R

Run Time: 1 Hr. 42 Min.

Package Includes: Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, DVD, UltraViolet


Disc Type: BD50 (dual layer)

Region: A

Release Date: 11/18/2014

MSRP: $29.95

The Production Rating: 3/5

Marv(Mickey Roarke) starts his Saturday night watching Nancy(Jessica Alba) perform her dance routine at Kadie's Saloon. Before long, Marv is mixing it up with some homicidal frat boys. Meanwhile, Johnny(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) arrives in town and uses his gambling skills to take on corrupt Senator Roark(Powers Boothe). Dwight(Josh Brolin) crosses paths with Dwight at Cadie's Saloon as he works a case as a private dick and finds himself drawn back into the orbit of The Dame To Kill For, aka Ava(Eva Green), who manipulates Dwight as she does all the poor saps in her life. Johnny returns to take on Senator Roark for the second time, and Nancy recruits Marv to help her take revenge on Senator Roark for what he did to Hartigan(Bruce Willis), whose spirit seemingly haunts Nancy.Sin City: A Dame To Kill For delivers more of the same nihilistic noir that Sin City(2005) brought to movie audiences, but this time in 3D. Critics and box office customers were not as kind to this sequel during its theatrical release as they were for the original. Many of the critics who lauded the original seemed to enjoy tearing apart the sequel. The box office receipts for this sequel were also disappointing in comparison to the original.Sin City: A Dame To Kill For has many of the same qualities as its predecessor, but it may have come too late (9 years after the original) to be appreciated, since the novelty value of the original film may have worn off for movie audiences who have seen some of the storytelling devices used in Sin City borrowed for other films in the last 9 or so years, and borrowed enough to be commonplace. In the 9 years since the original Sin City, Zack Snyder's 300 (also based on a Frank Miller graphic novel) and its sequel, 300: Rise of an Empire (also featuring Eva Green) have been released with some of the same directorial flourishes that seemed so original in 2005.Sin City: A Dame To Kill For has a lot going for it, even if it did not receive the proportionate appreciation of its predecessor. The film may not seem as tightly plotted as the original, which was essentially a series of interconnected short stories. Although the same is true of this sequel, the short stories here seem more like loose subplots of the main story. That fact, and the loss of novelty value in the intervening time, may explain why Sin City: A Dame To Kill For was not a runaway box office success. Like other genre films, it may find its audience eventually on Blu-ray and DVD. The addition of 3D to this film does, at least, bring something to the table that was not offered with the original film.

Video Rating: 4.5/5 3D Rating: 4.5/5

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For appears on 3D and 2D Blu-ray in 1080p in its original 1:85.1 aspect ratio. The film is primarily monochromatic to emphasize the noir style of the graphic novels created by co-director Frank Miller, but certain characters and objects appear in color to draw attention. Most of the film footage consists of CGI created around the actors, and this footage has translated well through the digital realm into this transfer.The native 3D models created for this film make for an excellent 3D presentation. Popout is minimal and limited to some gun barrels pointing towards the audience, but the multiple levels of depth with various foreground and background images, and points in between, create an immersive noir experience. Whether it is snowflakes, or cigarette smoke, or other actors or inanimate objects, there is a full stereo window visible in the 3D presentation. There was some ghosting apparent in unfocused background objects on my Panasonic display, but this is the exception rather than the norm, fortunately.Fine detail and shadow detail seem to include everything intended by the digital artists. Contrast is exceptional, as it should be in the digital realm. Blacks are solid with very good gray scale. Grain is non-existent, unsurprisingly, given the digital origins of the footage. Other than some ghosting in the background, the 3D transfer is excellent.

Audio Rating: 5/5

The DTS-HD MA 5.1 audio is terrific. Dialogue and narration come through solidly and intelligibly in the sound mix, which is impressive given the gunshots and other sound effects, and the music score which shock and awe with clarity. Directional audio is employed well to create an immersive combination of dialogue, music, and sound effects. This is a flawless audio presentation.

Special Features Rating: 3.5/5

The HD special features are included on the 2D Blu-ray. The 3D Blu-ray consists of only the feature film. The special features are all in 1080p and include all of the following:The Movie In High-Speed Green Screen(16:28): This is the green screen version of the film time-compressed into less than 17 minutes.Character Profiles: This feature consists of separate chapters with each of the actors/actresses talking about their roles: Eva Green Is The Dame To Kill For(4:08), Jessica Alba Is Nancy(3:52), Josh Brolin Is Dwight(3:26), and Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Johnny(2:12).Make-up Effects of Sin City With Greg Nicotero(6:40): Nicotero(The Walking Dead) talks about his work on the Sin City films and other productions by Troublemaker Studios.Stunts of Sin City with Jeff Dashnaw(5:38): Stunt coordinator and Mickey Rourke stunt double Dashinaw talks about his work on this film and other Robert Rodriguez productions. Dashinaw wore face makeup identical to that applied to Mickey Rourke to double him on many of the actions sequences.Sin City Original Theatrical Trailer(2:10): This theatrical trailer for Sin City(2005) ends with a promo for the Blu-ray disc of the film.This edition also includes the film on DVD and an insert with a validation code for the film through Ultraviolet Digital HD.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For delivers on the blood and guts of its predecessor, even if the novelty value of its presentation may have worn off for casual audiences. Fans of the original will find much to enjoy, even if the screenplay is plotted somewhat more loosely than its predecessor. The 3D presentation is sublime, even if not entirely without flaws in the occasional ghosting apparent in backgrounds. The audio is basically reference quality. The special features are certainly of interest, even if somewhat superficial, and there are no deleted scenes included in this edition. Although the violence is not for the squeamish, Sin City: A Dame To Kill For delivers on the nihilistic noir of its predecessor, even if it is not that rare sequel that surpasses the original.

Reviewed By: Timothy E

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Oct 13, 2014
Minnesota, U.S.A.
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Lee Solheim
I bought this this morning as an impulse buy at a local Target store. I used a $5 off coupon by combining it with my purchase of the 26th annual "Cities 97 Sampler" - an annual fund-raising music compilation CD from a local radio station featuring "live in studio" recordings from national artists. With my "Red Card" Discount, this came to about $14.25 - not bad for a 3D title.

I call this an impulse buy because I have not seen the movie and to be honest was not a huge fan of the first Sin City. I do however look forward to seeing Jessica Alba and Eva Green in 3D. Hopefully I will enjoy the film.


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Oct 5, 2005
Lee Summit, Missouri
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The film and storytelling structure are nothing special. That said, the video and look of it - despite being something done in Sin City 1 strike me as just beautiful to watch. The high contrast, overly bold black and white with sparks of color is just fantastic to look at and in 3D i think the limited color design really helps influence how I feel about the film. The 3D on this really pops and works for me.

I picked it up SUPER cheap locally ($9) and while the film wasn't great, the look of it still works for me. It's a good display piece for a projector.


Second Unit
Mar 30, 2002
does anyone know if there was a version out there that came with a iTunes Digital download (instead of or in addition to the Ultraviolet one?)

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