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Jun 8, 2005
I've been reading through a lot of posts to get some answers, but I think I'm more confused than before when it comes to setup (I haven't setup an HT system in 6 years).

Here's the simple list of components, suggestions helpful.

Pioneer 1140HD


Older DVD player - is it worth upgrading to a player that excepts HDMI?

Older reciever - Is it worth upgrading to a reciever that excepts HDMI?

I'd looking for the simplest, best quality connection scenario ( I'm buying new cables before delivery)

I'm assuming that I should go HDMI from TV to HDMI on cable HDDVR, then digital audio from cable HDDVR to Reciever? Correct?

For DVD, is it worth upgrading or should I just go component to TV and digital audi to reciever?

Should I consider a new reciever for swithcing? Is it worth it? My current reciever does not have any HDMI capability.

The other thing is that I will need to add an RF remote to control the equipment - is one way of setup easier?

In the future I will also be connecting a PC to the setup just as an FYI.

Any help is apprecited. Thanks

Bob McElfresh

Senior HTF Member
May 22, 1999
Hi Drew.

I'd wait on the DVD player. The new Blu-Ray / HD-DVD format war is going on right now and you will want HDMI for these.

Simplest is your CATV box straight to the TV. This will carry both video and audio for casual TV watching. Separate from that - run coaxial-digital from the CATV box to your receiver. Fire up the receiver for more serious TV watching.

When you actually get 2 HDMI sources - that is the time to consider either a HDMI switch box or a receiver that offers HDMI switching. With only 1 source - you dont have anything to 'switch'.

Go component cables from your existing DVD player to the TV for the moment.

RF Remote: I love my Logitech-Harmony 688 as it has dedicated buttons for PVR functions. It uses your PC to program but the defaults are very good. But it is IR, not RF.

Hope this helps.

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