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Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by JimAldro, Mar 10, 2005.

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    my new 46" unit arrives today and I've been planning out the wiring scheme and what I'll need for cables.

    The list of what I have:

    Samsung 46" DLP TV
    Yamaha 5750 6.1 receiver
    progressive scan dvd player
    HDTV converter

    I'm going to use an hdmi cable to connect the hd converter to the tv.

    I'm going to run a coaxial audio cable from the dvd player to the receiver and component video from the dvd player to the tv.

    Most diagrams I see have the component running to the receiver and then to the tv but I'm guessing that's because you can have multiple devices running into the receiver and then just the one component video running to the tv.

    Am I missing anything here?

    I'll probably add a vcr or sacd player eventually, but this should cover my basic setup to start with correct?

    edit - I need to add an optical cable from the hdtv converter to the receiver, right?

    thanks in advance for any advice

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    Unless you need your receiver for video switching (usually because the tv doesn't have enough video inputs or to cut down on really long cable runs) then you are right, go straight from the dvd to the tv and not through the receiver. Yes, you need a digital connection from the HD box to the receiver. One thing you didn't mention was a composite (red/white) audio connection from the dvd player to the tv, in case you ever want to watch a dvd and just use the tv's speakers. Obviously not a big deal.

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