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Ricky f

Supporting Actor
May 12, 2001
Anyone remember Simple Minds, they did the song on The Breakfast Club, DON'T YOU FORGET ABOUT ME. ?
I love that song, Does anybody here besides me prefer the 80's music to the 90's and 00' ?
Hey I am a movie love and I love the 80's soundtracks to movies.
What happened to Simple Minds ???
Please help convince Warner to release Stephen King's IT On DVD

Kevin P

Jan 18, 1999
I love that song, Does anybody here besides me prefer the 80's music to the 90's and 00' ?
Amen brother!
Music went downhill big time in the 90s. At first I thought it was a nostalgic thing, since I went to high school in the early-mid 80s when the New Wave stuff was all the rage. But then I came to realize that the 80s music was just plain better than the drek that's been coming out since.
That Simple Minds song is great, too. They had a couple of others but they don't seem to appear on any compilations.
The majority of CDs I've bought in the past 2-3 years have been 80s compilations. It's also what I listen to 80-90% of the time. In fact, I picked up two Greatest Hits CDs yesterday: Bob Seger and the Psychedelic Furs. Great stuff.

Chuck L

Feb 12, 2001
The last time the states heard of Simples Minds was a modest hit entitled "She's A River."
I like Simple Minds very much. It is a real shame that "Don't You Forget About Me" gets more play than "Alive and Kicking," which by far I believe was their strongest single.
I believe that they are still together, but are more popular overseas than here.

Mark Lee

Second Unit
Sep 4, 1998
One of my high school friends got me into Simple Minds way back before The Breakfast Club ever came out -- IMHO, their two albums New Gold Dream and Sparkle in the Rain remain the pinnacle of their output. While I agree that "Alive and Kicking" is a good song (better than the non-Simple-Minds-written "Don't You Forget About Me"), songs like "Glittering Prize," "New Gold Dream," and my personal favorite, "Waterfront," are da bomb!!! :)
The last big news I'd heard from Simple Minds was several years back, when their lead man, Jim Kerr, was briefly married to Patsy Kensit
Mark K. Lee
"Life is like a sewer -- what you get out of it, depends on what you put into it."
- Tom Lehrer


Jan 24, 2000
Simple Minds Alive & Kicking
Band take on Bowie, Patti for "Neon Lights"
Simple Minds, best known for Eighties hits "Don't You Forget About Me" and "Alive and Kicking," will release Neon Lights, an album of cover songs, on September 24th. The group's first recording for Eagle Records -- also home to former major-label rock stars like Robert Palmer and John Mayall -- will consist of interpretations of classics by Van Morrison, Patti Smith, the Doors and the Velvet Underground, among others.
"We have tried to stay faithful to the sentiment of the original songs," says frontman Jim Kerr of the set, the Glaswegian band's first studio effort since 1998's Neapolis. "Real fans of Simple Minds want to discover the genesis of our sound, want to hear what we were listening to as fans. There have been so many great songs, so many different sounds, so many artists and acts that have influenced our band. We have tried to hone it down to the key acts involved."
Having taken their moniker from David Bowie's "Jean Genie," Simple Minds pay tribute to the Thin White Duke in their version of "The Man Who Sold the World." The band also turns in covers of tunes by contemporaries, taking on Echo and the Bunnymen's "Bring on the Dancing Horses" and Pete Shelley's "Homosapien." Of the latter, Kerr comments, "People who know the track would often quote it as being in their top five songs, but it was an obscure record at the time. It's a bit of a cult classic -- not one of the obvious choices."
Simple Minds are currently working on an album of new material that they hope to release early next year, with a worldwide tour to follow. The band's last studio album, Our Secrets Are the Same, remains unreleased. Completed in 1999, the recording is at the center of a legal battle with EMI, the band's former record company.
The complete track listing for Neon Lights:
"Gloria" (Van Morrison)
"The Man Who Sold the World" (David Bowie)
"Homosapien" (Pete Shelley)
"Dancing Barefoot" (Patti Smith)
"Neon Lights" (Kraftwerk)
"Hello, I Love You" (The Doors)
"Bring on the Dancing Horses" (Echo and the Bunnymen)
"The Needle and the Damage Done" (Neil Young)
"For Your Pleasure" (Roxy Music)
"All Tomorrow's Parties (The Velvet Underground)
(August 9, 2001)

Fredrik E

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 5, 1999
"Wasn't Kerr also married to Chrissie Hynde?"
Yes, or at least they were together, They also had a child together, if I remember correctly.

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