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    Jason Merrick
    The PiP window on my 27" JVC is placed about an 1" from the edge of the screen, which seemed to always place the PiP window on top of a good portion of the action on the main screen.
    Well, I've been accessing the service menu for months to perform the anamorphic squeeze trick for DVD viewing, and realized yesterday that I could also adjust the PiP window placement to anywhere I wanted. I have now moved it so it just touches the edge of the screen in the very corner... what a difference! When flipping back and forth between the Laker game and the UCLA/Cal game, I could actually see the game with the PiP window up... something I had trouble with before and which severely limited my use of the PiP function altogether.
    Just thought I'd share in case anyone else had this frustration.
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    Thanks for the tip! :tu:

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