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    Nov 27, 2001
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    Hi all!

    I am looking for a basic remote for my mom.

    It should have only ON/OFF, VOLUME and CHANNEL.

    Have been to manny stores in my area and looking on-line to no avail. Can anybody help??

    All I keep coming up with are these multi function remotes that you or I can work but not my 85yr young mother.

    Thanks again!!
  2. Allan Jayne

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    Nov 1, 1998
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    Buy a universal remote which, with just a few keystrokes, sets itself up for your make and model of TV, all the common functions occupy the largest buttons.
    Then cut out a cardboard "matte" to cover all the buttons except the on-off, cheannel and volume buttons. You can put large labels or writing on this matte. (Don't tape it on too tight, if other buttons are continuously depressed, the battery wears down fast.)
    My parents did that for my grandmother. Because it was her TV we did it to the regular remote instead of buying another.
    Also you could look around for a "learning remote". You place it and the remote that goes with the TV pointing at each other and you "define" the buttons on the learning remote to have only the functions you want.
    I think Radio Shack has some of these learning remotes.
    Other video hints:

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