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Sima SVS-4 AudioVideo Switcher (S-Video & Composite) (1 Viewer)

Greg Haynes

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Oct 22, 1998
*Sima SVS-4*

Sima SVS-4 AudioVideo Switcher
I purchased this AudioVideo Switcher 1 year ago and has been disconnected for the last 3 months. I have no use for it now and it needs a new home. I have tested it recently and it still performs awesome.
The AudioVideo Switcher's unique features move it to the top of the "must-have" list in Home Theater Components. This A/V switcher with 4 inputs/dual outputs easily expands your home theater system.
Automatic Input Selection - it monitors its inputs, detects current unit in use and switches to the correct output...automatically, without pushing any buttons.
Volume Stabilization - Automatically adjusts the sound level. (Minimizes volume levels between channels and loud commercials and also adds impact by increasing the dynamic range).
It also can convert composite to S-Video, increase or decrease the audio"s dynamic range, and minimize volume levels when switching channels or during commercials and special effects scenes - all automatically!
All automatic features can be manually overridden.
Composite to S-Video Connection -- it can connect to all of your equipment (RCA-type) composite or S-Video and standard audio.
Inputs: 4 audio and 4 video
Outputs: 2 audio and 2 video
This sale includes the SVS-4 Audio/Video Switcher w/ I/R Remote, original box, manual, AC adapter, and A/V cable.
Suggested Retail Price: $199.95
Price - $85 + 15 s/h
I will accept money orders, cashier's check, & PayPal.
I will ship using UPS and will only ship to the US.
You can email me at mailto:[email protected]

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