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    I am going to be building up my HT soon as i get my receiver.
    I have used an old receiver in the past which was pretty straight forward. On the new receivers (specifically the 1014tx) it has a lot of video inputs. I'm kind of confused how the video comes to play off of a receiver.
    How i have everything setup with my old receiver is just the speakers run off the receiver and my dvd,vcr, ps2, is all just plugged into a AV input in the back of my tv...
    Is there somthing i'd be missing out on if i am not using a HDTV(yet)
    just curious as to what the point of all the component inputs would be.
    Just trying to figure it all out ahead of time. thanks guys
  2. Brian Fellmeth

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    Jul 30, 2000
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    Running the video from all of your sources through the receiver is optional and has pros and cons. The advantage of using the receiver in the video chains is that when a source (source=DVD player, DVD PS2, cable/sat box etc) is selected on the receiver then the appropriate video will appear on the display and you won't have to make two switches (once on the receiver and once on the TV) when changing from source to source. The disadvantage is that there are more cables to buy, there is more cable spaghetti, and there may be slight degradation in the quality of the video signals when passing through the receiver's switching circuit.
  3. Leo Kerr

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    0 of the other potential benefits is that Spaghetti-land is behind the sources and the receiver; there's only a few cables that go to the display.

    This is especially useful when your display is a projector 30' as the cable runs from the nearest source.

    Leo Kerr

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