Silk screening for a product (???)

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    I'm not really familiar with the area of product labels so please bear with me.

    The company I work with is introducing a new product. Instead of using self-adhesive labels (stickers) we want to have the product name and our logo screened onto the enclosure (aluminum.) The perfect HTF example I can think of is the "labels" you find on a receiver - Bass, Treble, Power, etc. Those don't appear to be stickers, they look like they were screened onto the front panel of the receiver.

    Does anyone know of companies that offer custom screen solutions for products of different sizes? (BTW, is "custom screen solutions" even the right description???)
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    Not sure of any company's offhand, but silk screening is one thing that is done...another is laser marking...a laser is used "write" the wording onto the item...sure that google would help...

    It is done on plastics and metals and you can get different results depending on the material...what I've seen is pretty cool, pretty much any True Type font or image file can be marked..

    A great example is all of the back-lit buttons on your car stereo. They are molded out of translucent plastic, painted black and then the black is laser marked away...when the stereo is on, the lighting shows throught the translucent material...

    Hope this helps a bit...

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