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    I just finished playing this game for PS2 (I got "leaving" ending), and I thought this game are reasons why...
    story - Ok...Mary died, (3 yrs ago or few month ago??) so why is she at Silent Hill?? What the hell was Eddie, Mariah, and Angela doing there?? (Laura was there looking for mary...but how the hell she get there?!?!?). And why the hell is Silent Hill(town) abandoned, and what about "Evil Silent Hill".
    chacters - There was barey no chacter development at all!! well,there was some but all the chacter pop up at some random moment and they went crazier everytime why popped up...
    puzzles - There was few puzzles that were stupid, but the most stupid puzzle was when you had to open a box locked down with 3 locks just for pieces of hair...
    I loved the first SH, but I thought SH2 was bad (or maybe I missed a lot of infos, please inform me if did miss them)...please tell me what you guys thought about the game.
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    I found that this site helped make a lot of sense of the storyline. Although if you haven't finished the game it's a bit spoiler-ish.
    Then click on 'Silent Hill 2 Plot Guide'
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    Here is my write up on the plot of Silent Hill 2 and all of its meanings. Ive beaten the game more than I can count and as most already know on the forum I LOVE this game. This was my favorite game last year.
    Click Here
    See if that clears things up for you on the story front. Play through it again and see if you can get the multiple endings. What you have to understand about Silent Hill 2 is it is a very David Lynch like experience. You have to pay attention to everything that you come across. There is a whole lot of symbolism in the game. From the little journals you read. To the papers you find on a desk. They all give clues as to the history of Silent Hill and the past of all the characters. Though you may not see any direct character development up front. There is a WHOLE lot of it underneath the surface.
    Also if you play through the Mario sub-scenario you will understand how Maria came to be and why she is there. There are also quite a bit of ties to the first game in the maria sub-scenario.
    Hopefully that helps.

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