Signal Drops on RX-V1400

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by MarkMel, Dec 8, 2003.

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    I have an RX-V1400. While watching a DVD I get audio signal drops occasionally; All audio cuts out for a second. I was using a cheepo Magnavox DVD player using the coax out. So, took the player back and installed a new, better(?), Sony player. Did not try new player yet. Was watching HBO last night on digital cable, also utilizing the coax out and was still getting signal drops. Boy is wife po'd now because I told her it was the cheap DVD player and we needed to upgrade.

    So while HBO was playing I went to my cabinet and watched what the receiver was doing on the display when the signal dropped. It looked like the receiver was trying to change the DSP program.

    This issue has never occurred while watching analog programming off of the Digital Cable Box.

    Does this sound like a faulty receiver?

    Is the receiver trying to switch to a DSP that is more compatible to the signal sent other than the one I have selected?

    I am using coax cable made from RG-6 with an F-connecter to rca adapters on both components. Could this be my issue?

    I am not a cable elitist (I'm cheap) but would better cables(pre-made) solve my issue?

    Oh and this happens at any volume level.
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    Yes, try a digital coax on one component to see if this solves the problem.

    This will not happen with analog connections, if it is the problem that a number of other manufacturers have. It is very likely a digital connection issue - a pause or change in the signal will cause a brief dropout.

    If you "force" a decoding method, the receiver will not try to reselect.

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