signal drop with PS2 s-video

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    Jeff Brooks
    I have a friend using the s-video connection on a PS2. When a dark scene in a DVD movie comes up, the signal drops off completely to the TV. He has swapped-out the TV, swapped-out the PS2, and swapped-out the Monster cable. He has even taken the PS2 and the cable to the vendor, and connected it to the same model TV at the store-and it works fine. Composite video seems to work fine. TV model only has the one video input. He has even had en electrician test the circuit.

    Has anyone experienced this, or, does anyone have any thoughts as to what this could possibly be?
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    I don't feel eminently qualified to answer, but I have a similar setup.

    1) It's probably a faulty television. If you break down the number of components involved, and the results of the in-store test, it seems clear that the TV is somehow misinterpreting the video signal.

    2) Is he running this through a receiver and/or other components? What model/make of television is it? It's important to give specific information, since there are experts on this forum who have knowledge of 'known bugs' in certain models or setups.


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